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  1. As we are updating our home corner, I wondered if anyone knows of any words/pictures that I could download/print off to laminate and display? Any help or suggestions welcome
  2. Ourselves For Under 3s

    I know this is an old post now but with Sept in in not too distant future I was looking for idea's to extend our 'All about me' topic for the start of the new term. I am a cm but I work with 2 others so we work to a key worker system and we follow a routine i.e. tidy up time, snack time, story time etc, I feel that this starts the children on the right path socially when they move on.....anyway I have planned on making a tree for each of the children from sugar paper I have already asked parents to provide photo's, special names etc. we are going to put these together as an activity (perhaps I should have sent the sugar paper home for parents to do with their child), these 'Family Tree's will go on display. Now I have read about the book idea, I think we may do that as well so that the children can sit and look through....
  3. Thank you for sharing the songs, have printed them out..... poor children will have to listen to me attempting to sing them now
  4. Construction Words

    Thank you Sue, I've just downloaded some of those, double mounted them and wrote a simple word on the mounting i.e. hat, hammer etc. then laminated them to go in our construction corner I'm getting some good idea's from this forum so thank you once again.
  5. Just Wondering If You're All Ready

    Yesterday while I had a quiet moment haha lol... sorry :rolleyes: I printed out new short obs / long obs / progress charts / sharing progress sheets with other settings and summery sheets. I have ordered a new magnetic board for the children to self register (the old one was velcro and didn't last) and I've ordered new display paper and borders .... The summer holidays have been quieter than term time so am trying to 'refresh' while I can without it impinging too much on my evenings and weekends
  6. Gosh that is a lot... We are accredited cm's and 3 of us work together, we have to work to a 'key worker' system and the others do 4 short obs each week plus a longer more detailed one for each child each month, and I do 5 children's (sadly we don't get non contact time), we do next steps from each ob. but it can be that 'we carry on with *****', we then do a summery each 6 weeks. We do our general planning together and put children's initials against the area's that we have identified as next steps... so the plan fits everyone (hope that makes sense).
  7. Not sure on the tax credit side.. but you have the gov info there so that should tell you all you need to know. As for the Work Based Vouchers, the parent (either one) can apply if the company they work for subscribe and the limit is £243.00 per month. If both parents company's are subscribed then they can use both the vouchers of up to the £243.00 each per month...... if you get my meaning.
  8. Wow will use these from Sept.. thank you for sharing.
  9. Thank you for this it's great
  10. Ready to start with the new eyfs paperwork etc. in Sept? I have a few new children so have been doing their initial obs using the new framework, will be putting a note into the existing lj's and swap over to the new style in a couple of weeks. In our July newsletters I told the parents about the changes and attached a sheet with the 7 areas of development and what they mean to their child. I think I'm doing it right, how is everyone else doing the change-over?