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  1. Planning......please help

    Same here Sharonash I sometimes think I am the only one who cares in my setting. Very frustrating
  2. Funding forms

    I no longer send them home. I have them all on a clipboard for parents to sign at pick up time. I then provide them with the top copy once they are all sent home. We always used to be late in sending the form back as we were waiting for so many. Now we don't have that problem! It also helps that in Somerset we now do not need to send the parents forms back at all unless we are chosen for audit - we just send the master copy that I fill in.
  3. Time off

    Olivia - that's what happens to me too. If two people are booked off you can bet that someone will ring in sick.... Sunnyday - don't worry, take care xxxx
  4. Time off

    So sorry for your loss Sunnyday Obviously parents/spouse/child would be completely different - I would expect staff to take several weeks off, as long as they needed really. The director would decide on compassionate leave but I imagine she would give this in this circumstance. I lost my parents very young so I think this has made me a little 'hard' when it comes to people losing grandparents as, although it is very sad, everyone will experience this at some time and it is more 'expected' than a parent or, god forbid, a child. I know this sounds unsympathetic of me... Thumperrabbit - I feel the same. I had two requests for the afternoon off YESTERDAY! Both silly reasons. Suffice to say the answer had to be no. Sometimes feels like my job revolves solely around other peoples problems
  5. Time off

    We never refuse really but it is all getting too much lately. It is generally the same people that ask and it is unpaid. I can usually cover the absence but is it fair on the rest of my team? Some of them seem to think they can pick and choose what hours they do. I very, very rarely have any time off that is not part of my holiday entitlement as do my long term staff. For example, how much time off would you think is acceptable (unpaid) in the event of the death of a grandparent?
  6. Time off

    Just a query into how other managers manage staff time off requests. (Mainly for full-year settings as I know term time only works differently). Apart from holiday entitlement, what other absences do you grant? We have always been very flexible (too flexible in my opinion) but I feel staff are beginning to take the mick now. For example, do you grant time off for appointments, interviews, funerals (not family), last minute half day requests etc...? thank you ladies - I am feeling overwhelmed with other people's problems.....
  7. Conjunctivitis

    Our policy states that a child must be collected with suspected conjunctivitis and, if it is confirmed, treatment needs to be given at home for at least 24 hours before coming back. We also do not administer eye drops. I updated this policy from no exclusion when conjunctivitis swept through the baby room infecting almost all of them. It is not fair - having had it myself, I know how painful it is. It must be terrible for a baby
  8. staff lunches and ratio's

    My staff are paid for their lunch break (20mins - 40mins depending on working day) but must stay on premises. This is away from children. We have enough staff to remain in ratio
  9. Stress at work....less at Sainsburys?

    Ha ha - this is what my director told me to say! She said that next time someone says this, I should say 'So I'll take that as your notice then?'. Lol. The good does outweigh the bad for my staff (in my opinion) and I do think they would find that the grass is no greener on the other side.....
  10. Struggling with colleagues

    It's hard. I have 'grown up' with some of the people I work with, having all been working in the setting for 10+ years. I feel like I am trying to be 2 people most of the time!
  11. Struggling with colleagues

    Ongoing problem at my setting. I love the girls I work with - have worked with some of them for many, many years BUT I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall.
  12. Finding it hard to switch off?!

    Yep - this is me! I finish work, pick my kids up, go home, put kids to bed, do planning, look for ideas on the internet, check ofsted reports, new guidelines etc whilst watching TV in the evening, worry about impending ofsted inspection all night, get up, go to work! I need to learn to leave work at work - it just is not worth this much worry for the money I get....
  13. Weekly Planning

    Tbh I have tried to do without the topic but I feel it keeps everyone (including staff) interested. They tend to lose focus otherwise. All their key children activities are unrelated to the topic - planned simply on interests and next steps. The parents seem to like it too and often bring related things in to the setting to add to our provision which is nice.
  14. Weekly Planning

    Constantly adding and taking away from mine..... I plan a monthly topic and split this into weekly topic plans over the 7 areas. I add these to a weekly provision sheet and then keyworkers add 2 activities for each of their children based on next steps, focus points and interests. I have attached it all below Parent plan EYFS.doc Planned topic activities NEW.docx NEW PLANNING PROVISION EXAMPLE.docx
  15. Had enough!

    I feel like this ALOT at the moment. We have one particular parent who is constantly 'picking'. His most recent one was that we are 'lying' in the contact books about what his child eats as 'he would never eat that at home'. How I hold my patience with him I do not know..... However I took a day out of the office on Monday and worked all day in the room - I had such a great day it almost restored my faith in this job!