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  1. Does anyone have any great ideas for teaching 3D shapes? I am looking for something that will be exciting and inspire the boys; I also need activities for my LA Yr 1s.
  2. Assemblies

    We have assembly every day :blink: and on Fridays it is a long assembly as it is (usually) class assembly and then achievers awards are given out afterwards :huh: . We are a CofE school. Occasionally we do not have an assembly on Wednesdays but are then expected to do an in-class assembly. :unsure:
  3. I am not an experienced reception teacher - started in September after teaching for 10 years in nursery from NQT! However, we teach literacy and numeracy Mon - Thurs and use Friday mornings for alternate guided reading or forest school. Literacy or maths begins after assembly - approx 9.15 a.m. I teach 1 group of YR and then 1 group of Y1 chn. All other children have continuous provision (but probably not, yet, in true ABC style!). At 10.20 a.m. we split into groups for phonics (we have 6 different groups - some LA children join the nursery class and some HA join the Y1 class). We have phonics until 10.40 a.m. when it is break time. After break, I teach the parallel reception class literacy and my colleague teaches my class numeracy; we alternate teaching literacy/numeracy each half term. Probably sounds confusing, but feel free to ask any questions! Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks everyone! Just finishing my progress write, Year 1, in instruction writing (How to make Christmas Krispies) after making said Krispies (absolute disaster with chocolate setting before it was supposed to - product of a cold classroom - grrr). Happy days. YR have free play, but encouraged to complete the 'sight word' Christmas activity (oops - worksheet, did I say that?! ) first. Christmas party now done and dusted - 'just' C.I. play for the rest of the week! Happy Christmas and New Year everyone. :1b
  5. Hi What activities do you have planned for the last week of term? x
  6. Yoga

    I can thoroughly recommend Cosmic Kids - it is brilliant, maybe a little too fast in pace, but the children have loved it and it is FREE! Look on Youtube.
  7. Thanks for your reply Deb - I'm really looking for Teacher's books re forest school - with ideas for different activities. I did the training about 18 months ago, but never really put it into practise (wouldn't know where to find my notes, either!); now I have moved into YR we do forest school every other week - alternating with my colleague, so am looking for inspiration! x
  8. Does anyone have any good book recommendations for Forest School, please? I took my first Forest School morning on Friday and it was a big success; but now I'm stuck on where to go next and will be asking Father Christmas for a book of ideas for Forest School! Recommendations or forest school ideas would be very welcome! :1b
  9. Transition - for adults!

    And all WILL BE WELL, Froglet - congratulations on your new post! x
  10. Ahhh ... I'm too old for that ... my daughter was 'in' to Oasis!! There is of course Pink Floyd 'The Wall' - now that's more from my time!
  11. It's really just to link with our 'Talk for writing' texts ... ... 'busy board' sounds good (want to avoid using the word 'wall' - since it's just a board!) ???? I have no idea what this means - am I missing something here?! :blink:
  12. I would like to set up a 'working wall' but have no wall :huh: ! Space is really limited, but I do have a board which I have yet to use - it is just a small pin board (portable) approx 30 x 60 cms. I would like to use it to add action words and places for the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' but can hardly refer to it as a working wall. Does anyone have any good ideas for a name to suit the 'board', please? :1b
  13. Thanks Catma. I have sent a PM - hope that's ok!
  14. Thank you - do you know if this is following statutory requirements?