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  1. One in Blackburn - called SAMS.
  2. The company we used was called Living Eggs - they were brilliant. Everything delivered and chicks picked up after two weeks, a 24 hour helpline (!) and even some planning resources.
  3. Thanks folk, some nice ideas there. They are coming as a whole school think but now i want them in our classroom! Along with our snails, caterpillars and fish..... :1b
  4. Hi folks Just found out that our head has ordered some eggs to arrive the second week after half term, and will be here, and (hopefully hatching!) for two weeks. This throws my plans out slightly, as it seems silly to continue with my planned topic when obviously this will take the children's interests. So, I have two weeks of chick-ness to fill. Does anyone have an ideas of activities/books I could use? Thanks xxxx
  5. Perfect, thanks folks. Xxxx
  6. Pretty sure sparklebox has one ... if people are still using sparklebox...
  7. Hi folks, Hope you are all settled back in! I have been asked by my head to provide a percentage of children who are secure at phase 2 of L&S. We have completed an assessment sheet devised from the L&S book, but I have a question - how secure is secure?! The assessment comprises of: Grapheme recognition Oral blending tasks (I say m-a-n, they tell me the word I'm saying - approx 10 words) Segmenting tasks (They tell me how to spell 'jam', 'mint' etc. Lots of chn saying 'mit' for mint of 'sad' for sand - is this a problem?) Non word reading task (og, ab, liss etc) Decodable word reading and spelling (vc and cvc words) Tricky words (the, I, to, go) How much would you expect children to get correct before saying they were 'secure' ? Hope that all makes sense! x
  8. Progress At A Glance?

    Does anyone know how I can see at a glance, the progress each child is making?
  9. Ha ha, thanks Catma! I'll show her that. It just seems ridiculous, for some of the points to write observations or print out photos, when we just 'know'! To keep HT happy though, I like your suggestion Rachel, but how do you record whether it's PO, or PJ? Are you using e profile? X
  10. Hi guys, Just in the middle of updating the profile. Our big target for improvement in FS this year is using observations to inform the profile, and my head is insistent that every point we tick off has evidence in the books/files to back it up. However, there are a few points, such as 'dresses and manages own personal hygiene' that i dont feel it necessary to write observations for. we know who has achieved it (or, more honestly those who can't!), but do we seriously need to write an observation about it? Seems like paperwork gone mad. What do others do? Xx
  11. In my class, we have an 'achievement tree', to make sure every one's efforts are rewarded. Basically, it's a big painted tree on a board. It starts bare at the beginning of the week. For anything a child does that is positive, it gets written on a paper leaf shape - ie, 'James, for using beautiful manners' etc. On a Friday afternoon, we have a celebration where we read out the leaves. For every leaf there is a sticker - children with the most get a small prize. It ensures all positives are noticed, and those poor kids who always behave get the recognition they deserve. The kids love congratulating each other and now they will come up and suggest reasons why others should get a leaf! Just an idea, but it has always worked for me, and parents love it, as they get to see what their kids have been up to.
  12. We are trialling a new system of key workers this year, where my two TAs are responsible for keeping observations of their children. I then give them a morning each half term to go away and input on to the profile. Hopefully it'll work, to take the pressure off a little! Mine also do the Friday afternoon prep :-)
  13. Hello ladies! I'm after a few ideas, or a bit of advice. I'm in reception, and have always been blessed with a rather large classroom. However, as our role rises, I'm set to lose half my room to make way for a new classroom. Fort the time being, I now have a very small room, with 30 kids and two with very challenging behaviour. I inherited a lot of furniture, which I'm hoping to stash somewhere.... :-p However, I was wondering whether people had any great ideas in terms of setting up as many areas as possible in such a small space. I will be fully carpeted, so sand, water, and creative will be very messy! Any advice would be gratefully received xxxx
  14. I always think 'Never Forget' by Take That is always a good one... We've come so far, reached so high...and we're still so young... etc etc. Always makes me a bit emotional!! Oh, and 'I get by with a little help from my friends' - a bit jollier and lovely when looking at pics of the children working together x
  15. Thrifty Ideas

    Search for local scrapstores - there's one in Manchester and one in Blackburn...there must be more over the country! Normally you pay a nominal fee to join and then pay per trolley - you can get all sorts of company waste products/offcuts etc for really cheap. Love the discovery bottles idea!!