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  1. Puppets

    Hi, We are doing puppets at the moment as part of our Let's Pretend unit. Some of the things we have done: - trace around card cut out of matryoshka (or any other person) and cut 2 small circles fir fingers to go through as legs - cut shapes out of black card, attach to sticks and make shadow puppets eitehr using IWB projector if you have one or working in pairs as one holds a torch - draw figures on post-it notes and stick onto finger tips as easy puppets (we did 10 green bottles and 5 Little Ducks this way for Maths) Have fun, Saffa
  2. Hi Quinny, Our new unit is called Let's Pretend and incorporates traditional tales but with some different opportunities. Our focus will be to look at puppets from around the world and making finger puppets (sewing our own with safety needles and felt), sock puppets, pole puppets (puppets with a stick at the back and front to allow them to move eg. dragon), shadow puppets (link to science) and papier mache puppets. We have a wooden 'puppet theatre' for children to perform plays and will be making a box office for children to buy tickets for performances and decorate with posters. Enjoy the term ahead, Saffa
  3. Pe In Reception

    Hi Annette, We have 2 slots in the hall each week. 1 session is for dance/ movement and is taken by one of the assistants who is a dancer. She has taught them various styles of dancing, they just love moving around to the music! Some dance/ movement lessons are done in conjunction with a book the children have enjoyed and they are asked to move around like various characters in the book, like 'Jungle Boogie' or the characters from 'The 3 Little Pigs'. I take our 2nd weekly slot and it is a more structured lesson. 1st term we did activvities that focussed mainly on co-ordination like balancing bean bags on various parts of the body, different ways of passing and catching a ball. 2nd term we are doing yoga which the children really seem to enjoy. Great for body awareness and listening skills. Next term we will be doing gymnastics. My school is new and doesn't have a lot of PE equipment and weather cold outside (I'm in Russia) so a lot of imagination used but we try and incorporate as much PD as possible in other learning areas as well. BUT a lot of available literature and publications say that children shouldn't be having formal PE lessons at such a young age and should be allowed to run around and be active as part of their daily activities. Hope you find something that works for you! Saffa
  4. City Topic In Nursery

    Hey Purple Bumble Bee, Have just thought you could also make crowns for the Royal Family. Great exercise for cutting and pattern work. Cheers. Saffa
  5. City Topic In Nursery

    Hi Purple Bumble Bee, Here are some ideas off the top of my head: - get the children to make apartment blocks/ flats using rectangles and squares. Count how many windows/ floors, doors etc on their building - could you possibly take children a few stops on a bus? (red double decker bus great London image!) Sing the 'wheels on the bus'. Make a bus out of cardboard boxes for role play area or each child could make their own out of cereal boxes/ shoeboxes. - make a picture of the London Eye. Use triangle as base, circle for main body of structure and ovals/ squares for the individual compartments. Print out pictures of views from the Eye and use in discussion on positional language: over, under, in, out etc - teach the children 'London Bridge is falling down'. Could make up actions for it as part of PE. Good luck! Saffa
  6. Winter: Snow And Ice Topic

    Thanks Biccy, will give it a try. Good luck for your observation next week.
  7. Winter: Snow And Ice Topic

    Just one more: children can use sugar lumps to make tiny igloos or use empty milk cartons to make larger ones. (We always have loads of these at the end of the week as our milk is delivered in 1 pint plastic cartons.) Morning all, Our current topic is Houses and Homes. We did the sugar lump igloos and children enjoyed making them (also got them to lick sugar cube and taste bit of salt to distinguish between sweet and salty - make sure you have glass of water handy for after salt!). - Turn a paper plate upside down and cover with foil. - Smear icing sugar on surface to bind sugar cubes to. - Explain to children that each layer needs to move slightly inwards to create domed effect. - Leave top open slightly for 'smoke' to escape from fires. - Make snowman in front of igloo by joining 2/3 marshmallows together with a toothpick. Give him toothpick arms and use raisins/ chocolate buttons/ food colouring to make face. My turn to ask for advice please...our focus next week is on special houses (houses around the world). We will be making a tent from clothes horse and putting a sleeping bag and torches inside; and creating a castle facade out of cardboard boxes. Any other ideas????? Thanks, Saffa
  8. Curriculum Coverage

    Thanks for all the suggested links! I am a KS2 teacher who is now teaching pre-nursery to reception at an international school and feeling slightly out of my depth. Joining this forum has been of immense help so THANK YOU.