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  1. Hello, my topic after half-term is dinosaurs, Ive got loads of good ideas thanks to this forum, and have followed a thread about making a plaster paris sand mix and hiding bones inside for children to dig out which I'd love to do. I just wondered if anyone can be a bit more specific about how this is made (sorry if this is a bit of a basic question - Im an NQT is my only excuse?) I gather its a mixture of plaster of paris and sand. What stops all the bones sinking to the bottom? and if i make it into a container - say icecream box, how do i get it out? just cut the box off? Thank you in advance. RG.
  2. Sense Of Taste

    Thanks everyone - food for thought
  3. Glueing Area

    Thanks very much for all these really great suggestions. It has taken me a while to work out how to view reply posts (new to this!) so sorry for slow reply. Thanks again, it is so helpful to have a place to ask these questions!
  4. Sense Of Taste

    Hi, We're doing sense of taste - a tasting activity. Looking to explore what children like and dislike and the 4 groups of bitter, sour, sweet and salty. I was wondering what foods teachers have used for bitter and sour - Is lemon bitter or sour or both? was going to also do crisps for salty, chocolate/banana for sweet. Any ideas really appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hi Im an NQT with a boy-heavy class. I've had some feedback that my gluing area could be better, and Im wondering what kind of stuff others have in theirs and what you do to entice children in. We have; feathers, wool, tissue, sequins, paper, those polysterine things from packaging, recycled boxes to use etc. I think one of the issues is that the recycled packaging is stored under the work top, and although they're in a clear unit and can be seen, children have to go in to get them out. Putting the boxes out onto the gluing table might be better. Grateful for any tips. Thanks RG
  6. Using The Ict Suite

    Thanks to you both
  7. Hi, Im an NQT in reception. We have access to the ICT suite twice a week. Due to size of class we will be visiting in 20 minute shifts. Apart from using colour magic and espresso, can anyone make suggestions as to how I make good use of this time? Thank you
  8. Class Baby Book

    Im not sure if im doing this in the right place lol. thanks for good suggestions, one less thing to worry about! xx
  9. Class Baby Book

    Hi there, Just joined so hope this is ok. Im an NQT in Reception, my topic is "Its Good to be Me". Would like to make a class Baby Book, have asked for baby photos to be sent in. Can anyone advise how to do it? Thank you Bec