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  1. Interview Help!

    To be honest I did want to do something to do with the seaside theme but it has to be something very active as I was told on my visit to the school that they are quite a challenging class and as with all reception they like to play an active part in carpet sessions rather than to be sat listening to the teacher. So it's just thinking of something now! And quick because i'll have to take any resources I need from my school on Monday x x
  2. Hi guys, I've been asked to teach a class of 'lively' reception children a 10-15 minute maths session in area of my choice but linked to scale points 5 and 6. I think it would be easier to do calculation, scale points 5 and 6 are to do with understanding that subtraction menas taking away and being able to use vocabulary assosicated with subtraction. My initial thought was that I could do ten in the bed. I could start off by reading Ten in the Bed by Penny Dale and I could take a duvet into the school and get children out to the front to act out the story/song - making the focus one less than, how many have we got left etc. What do you think about this? It is a class of 22 reception children, 1 child is in reciept of TIS2 funding and is on the SEN register, another child has a statement for complex needs both children have 1:1 support. After my 10-15 minute carpet activity I must plan to work with a focused maths group whilst the other children access 'seaside activities' which I must plan for. Focusing on creative development and outdoor learning opportunities. Any ideas would be appreciated as would your thoughts on 'ten in the bed' as the interview is first thing on Tuesday morning! Thanks in advance Charlotte x
  3. Interview Help!

    Hi Mundia, it won't be my class but I do know the class very well. I love reading peace at last and rumble in the jungle but I did peace at last when I first came to the school in an interview for a maternity cover and I did a great rumble in the jungle activity for my final nqt observation a few months ago. Both of which incorporated drama and music so I was after a book that we could act out or go on an imaginary journey after reading it x x
  4. Interview Help!

    No it won't be my class as we have two mixed classes of foundation stage and year one children. However I do know the children as I taught the year ones last year and I teach all of the reception children for CLL and PSRN. Thanks for that book idea. My class love the Christmas book by the same author - think it's called panta clause. Now I just need to come up with a great activity! X x
  5. Hiya guys, I'm currently on a temporary contract at my school and have applied for a permenent position. The job is for the class I am currently teaching (mixed foundationstage and year one). I've been invited for an interview and for one part of the interview I must read a story and carry out an activity with the class. When I originally applied for the temporary position I was asked to do the same task - I read Peace at Last by Jill Murphy and then carried out a music activity in which the children had to pick instruments to match the different sounds throughout the story. I need some ideas for a book that will make the children go WOW and has a clear link to an activity. Any ideas will be appreciated! My interview is on Wednesday 19th Thanks, Charlotte x x
  6. Hiya everyone, I am having my final NQT observation on Thursday afternoon. I have been told to think of a nicer end of the day routine. At the minute we just have storytime and then the children get their things together and line up at the door for hometime. So i'm after some ideas for games or songs that could be carried out at hometime everyday. I am currently in a mixed reception/year one class. Thanks in advance! Charlotte x
  7. Getting To Know You - Activities With Children's Names

    Thanks Panders! I'm sure I will be able to play some of those games with the children
  8. Hi everyone, I've been a member for a while but this is my first post so hope i'm doing it right! Our first Reception Topic in September is 'Getting To Know You' with the first week focusing particulary on 'Names' then we will be moving on to the usual things such as 'What I look like', 'Body Parts', 'My Family' etc. The only activity I have thought of so far for the first week back is glitter names (children to write names with PVA Glue pens and then to apply glitter). Can anyone help me out? The children are only in for half days during the first week so I shouldn't need to many activities!