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  1. Review Of Eyfs Ordered

    well hopefully, they look at the whole ofsted inspection as well. it seems more about using the right words rather than the acutal work done. I hope that children are allowed to develop on their own terms without having lables attached to them. Boys failing bec they reach the goals - whenthe goals are unrealistic. We have had speech and language theapists saying that the expectaions are very unreallistic and this is why more children are being refered to their service when all the children needed was less assessment.
  2. Scrapping Surestart?

  3. Scrapping Surestart?

    with the risk of offending other people in the forum.... I do agree with the viewpoints expressed by the think tank. and is quite similar to the sentiments expressed in another discussion within the forum. sorry guys- we shuld not be about providing a service that's used mainly by the middle classes AND there should be more checks and balances with our work- leo
  4. New Pm

    Yummy mummies! Those who can pay for the services and would have attended the sessions even if there was a charge attached to it. We did a publicity drive last weekend for our centre and found that most people who were registered with us and used our sessions were on maternity leave- and a couple who had gone back to work were deciding if they wanted to attend a cc stay & play session (free) or the local toddler group. this group of families are the ones who see the benefits of attending group sessions and hence do so. But are we about duplicating the toddler groups that are already out there or should be we looking to fill another niche in the market. Our children's centres do not have HV involved in them -they are still in GP surgeries and their case loads do not fit into the cc reach area. I think CC do a god job but sometimes our services are taken up by the motivated ones and the 'hard to reach'- well they are 'hard to reach'! CC started out to be about child development and good outcomes- but inbetween the focus changed to getting parents back to training and employment.
  5. New Pm

    about time! sure start tried to do too many things and in many cases ended up being used by those 'yummy mummies' and those who were on matrnity or career breaks. We are too soft on those very families whose parenting we want to change and as participation in the activities is vountary, it misses the very people we want to engage. Sure start is likened to the headstart programme but the US version is very differnt from what we have to offer. from being a speciilist support agency we have tired to be 'something for everyone' and become 'nothing for anyone'!! Headstart is a very directed prgramme of suppost but in the UK we baulk at 'labelling' anyone and hence the watering down of the initiative. Perhaps undedr the new govt we will go back to what sure start was meant to be.
  6. New Pm

    What happens to the Contact point and all the other verfy expensive IT systems that were set up under the last govt? At our local Children's centre- there is an overwhelming presence of the local authority building right to the 'corporate colour, and furniture for building. they have become more about the look and appearance rather than the work that needs to be done. health and safety, registrations and evaluations along with the need to quanitfy everything has taken precdence over everthing else. Partner agencies report feeling unwelcomed as Children's centres are perceived to be a local authority initiative. There is some illfeeling by agencies as most except the children's centre have had their budgets and staffing slashed (HV, midwives JcP etc) Steering groups are just in name as most of the descions are taken centrally at a much higher level. The community engagement has been limited and those who could benefit from the initatives have stayed away- after all they are not called 'hard to reach' for nothing.everyone from HV, adult learning, JcP and family support workers have them on their target list!!! Now that the new govt is in place- I feel that money should now be spent in mainstream services that are struggling to provide statutory services. Again in some areas volunatary services have had theri funding stopped or reduced and with children's centres taking over the service. This has caused resentment and loss of dedicated trained staffing within the children's workforce. Again, this is just one viewpoint and I appreciate others will have differing views on the whole initiative.
  7. New Pm

    yes! you beat me to this! have you seen the new dcsf website- they have already changed it and there is a disclaimer on the old one. I don;t know what happens now but i think the era of throwing money at families is at an end now. Cut back are here to stay and Childrens centres have been a big excersise in waste. but that's just my opinion.
  8. I know! I keep returning though! Children's centres have been keeping me very very busy! but I promised myself that I wouldn't open work emails on annual leave and then guess what? i 'found' the old fav forum again and rejoined. Hope to stay in touch this time
  9. At our children's centre, I am now looking at ways in which parents can record information and observations on new things that their child has begun to do either at the stay and play sessions or at home. I would like to develop a booklet to record this information but not sure where to start. Is this something that anyone already uses in the stay and play and sensory sessions? Any ideas or sheets will be much appreciated. Cheers
  10. Squash At Drink Time

    In our children's centre we don't offer milk to the children during our stay and play sessions as it is considered a food and not a drink to quench thirst. Children have an option of choosing water aor squash ibut we have had issues about which kind of squash we should source- the sugar free ones mean- articficial sweeteners; regular one has natual sugar added in the drink and plain juice is high in acidity. We have had the same issues around refreshments for parents ! to serve or not to serve? that is the question. Yours confused!!
  11. I agree with the comments made above- the underlying issue is the lack of interaction rather than sitting against the wall. When I was a student teacher i was told to sit not with my back to the wall but rather in a way that could allow me to scan the class if without moving my position. So I ask staff engaing with children to first consider how best they can interact with the group or a child and keep an eye on the class at the same time. The do usually sit with their backs to the wall but not against the wall and certainly not in the background!
  12. That sounds interesting! could we have examples of your plannoing please- I'm always on the lookout to spport my own development and understanding on how to support parents in the session.
  13. Has anyone had expereicne of setting up a bank of early years staff who can be used to support settings to cover staff training, sick leave annual leave etc. What are the pitfalls of setting this up yourself through a children's centre. What issues of insurance, pubic liability and CRB do we have to consider when developing this scheme. Can someone help Pleeeaseee!
  14. I would like to set up some quality parent and toddler groups at the children's centres to support parents' understanding of child development, importance of play, healthy choices in food and activities and behaviour management strategies. All these need to 'happen' though modelling of expected behaviour and giving parents the opportunity to learn from the group leader and from each other. Does anyone have good ideas or lesson plan structures for these parent and child session? thanks
  15. i used thechildren's shoes to pair up andt then count in 2's standing the children in 2's while lining up.