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  1. Gender Stereotyping

    I am currently in my second year of my FDa and I am embarking in a small scale inquiry - here are my thoughts; I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST A DISCUSSION, OPINIONS, THOUGHTS ON GENDER STEREOTYPING, specifically the following; I am looking at my small scale inquiry and I am considering investigating the influence of an all female practitioner setting on how we set up the environment and whether subliminally we set up based on gender? For example; is the construction area set up with more focus based on boys and the creative area set up for girls? - this is not my opinion just my suggestions. Also we receive supporting documents for "Engaging Boys in the Early Years" and "A Place to Talk for Boys" but where are the documents for supporting girls? Do we naturally treat girls and boys differently when engaging them in play? Please feel free to comment and discuss. Many thanks in advance Kelly
  2. What makes a Quality Setting?

    No thats fine - answer away please. Xxxx
  3. I am currently in my Year 2 of the Foundation Degree and I am collating information on what makes a Quality setting and would love your input and opinions on this. Those of you who have children in a preschool, nursery or with a childminder- would you mind answering a question for me? "What in your mind makes a Quality setting?" "What did you or do you look for when choosing a setting?"
  4. Help With Fda 1406

    I have an assignment to hand in on MOnday and I just can't get started with it! It doesn't help that I ave birth last Wednesday by c-sectiona nd I am very tired but extremely happy. The assignment is;- With reference to your assessment of the child and relevant theory identify and discuss learning opportunities which have the potential for future development. Provide a reflective view on the potential impact of your practice within this task for supporting positive dispositions to learn. Any help would be greatly received. I am struggling more with the writing and how to layout etc. Thanks K Xxx
  5. I am in my second semster of my Foundation Degree and am struggling to put together 1500 word equivalent on how I promote Inclusive Practice and Equal Opps and recognising my own feelings and emotions and those of others? Anyone help me with where to start - being 8 months pregnant isn't helping the brain at the moment. Thanks
  6. Writing A Rationale

    Hi all I too am stuck on writing my Rationale for my last assignment of foundation degree and would really appreciate any examples. I have put together a safeguarding leaflet for my staff and know have to right 1000 word ratyionale and really do not know where to start. Doesn't help that I am 8 months preggers too!!! LOL Thanks.
  7. What do you all do for Snack Time in a morning - ie; sit together in a circle, free flow snack etc. We have 35 children in most days and need to provide snack and on reflective I just feel that our current set up for snack isn't working and wondered what everyone else did. Thanks Kelly