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  1. HI all, Really need some ideas for our whole school Shakespeare week! As a reception we have been given the book the Tempest to work with. Any ideas for a fun filled week would be greatly appreciated that can be linked to different areas of learning would be great. Many thanks :rolleyes:
  2. Hi, Tomorrow we have Pie Corbett is coming to our school for staff training about reading. He has asked us to make a list of 6-10 books or poems that the chidlren in reception should be able to learn. I know the traditional stories,nursery rhymes and books with repetivite phrases are important but I was wondering if there were any suggestions. I have thought of at least 20 i could put on the list. Any suggestions??
  3. Hi, Got the call yesterday that we are having an art observation the first day back after half term. I was wondering if anyone had ideas of what i could do for Handa's Surprise. I need to make sure i'm teaching the appropraite skills and techniques for Reception. I thought about printing with fruits, maybe weaving but I also need an outdoor activity... I'm the art co-ordinator and I need a secure plan as i may need to have to have supply cover for my class as i will be on a joint obeservation with the inspector. Any ideas would be greatly apprecited!!