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  1. Have done a little search can't seem to find much :-( please could I have some ideas for PSRN especially but for all aspects of people that help us? So far I have Small world play - fire station role play - vets, hospital, police station and post office creative - junk modeling, making a people that help us puppetm making a lollipop CLL - writing letters(linking to post office) - envolopes etc PSRN - bingo, misfits and sorting recycling BRain freeze has now set in
  2. I'm wondering if anyone can help as I am hopelessly going through all the institutions website by website losing the will to live LOL. I am in the 2nd year of my foundation degree in early years and am looking for somewhere else I can study my top up year where I can go in the evening / afternoon and evening in the London or surronding area? My original course was suposed to be wednesdays 2 - 9 but it was changed to all day Tuesday and now the GLF has been cut the funding is not there for my day release anymore :-(....I am not disaplined enough for the OU i dont think LOL
  3. New Starters Of Foundation Degrees?

    LOL I just stumbled across this post when I was looking for something else so over one year on from this....hoes everyones degrees going? got that 2nd year panic? that cut funding feeling? that OMG i have to re-take GCSEs before I complete the year nightmare?
  4. Core Purpsoe Of Children's Centres

    we still support childminders although get little uptake on our child minder groups. Am i being very dumb .... how do we comment on this
  5. Reason For Absence - Informing Manager

    don't hide sheila LOL But maybe the fact that in this profession people with mental health issues are often shown predjudice against because they are working with children is the reason behind the empluyees actions? Just because someone has a mental health problem does not automatically make them a safeguarding concern. Perhaps dealing with the issues seperatly might help? I.e dealing with incorect following of compnay sickness procedure is the main issue really and i'm with you there we've had so many who can't be bothered to work n get their boyfriends/ girlfriends/ whoever to call in because they cant fake it over the phone so this cuts down on that. and then maybe a return to work inteview where you can perhaps discover why the employee felt they could not inform you of the reason for their absesnce? I know for a fact that in these cases the doctor will ask the employee what they would feel most comfortable with on their sick note which may also be a reason for the vaugeness.
  6. Planning & Observation In Childrens Centres

    Thanks it does, I may give the learning journey thing a go and i'm thinking if they are in photo form they would provide a good display for ofsted also :-). Its a very hard session to track and we had our inspection 2 weeks ago and they questioned it alot
  7. Key Worker Policy

    Just wondered if anyone had a key worker policy? We usually let the children chose key workers but all the template policies i have found are for settings that decide on keyworkers prior to starting at the setting
  8. Planning & Observation In Childrens Centres

    I am not currently doing learning journeys for those in stay and play session although I evaluate the planning and identify the next steps. This is also something I am struggling with as we have 2 sessions and roughly 30 children through each but different children each time. Country Girl I would apreciate any tips pleeease :-)
  9. In this situation I usually encourage the parents to leave straight away but come back after say ten minutes so the child gets used to the fact mum will go but she will return, then extend the time mum goes for gradually depending on how distressed the child is when mum leaves and whether she starts to calm down. I feel the thing with mum staying is that then the child never gets used to the parent leaving and returning so it just prolonges it.
  10. Mentor

    We were told our mentor had to have completed their foundation degree and the uni runs special menotring sessions for mentors.... saying that I do not have a mentor and have managed fine and others on my course have foundthe same,
  11. Am wondering for those of you who plan for more than one session how you're plans differ from each other? I am now planning for 5 sessions a week (all to the EYFS) 2 are playgroup, 2 are stay and play and 1 is a creche, I also run these sessions so planning time is limited, I have begun using the same base plans and just amending certian activities to those more age apropriate when required however going forward I am wondering how I am going to show planning to meet the children's intrests using this format :-(
  12. Planning Overview

    LOL that sounds the same as what i've just started (beginning of July) doing after being in a day nursery, its alot to get your head round differnce wise but i really enjoy it (hope that makes you feel better lol
  13. Planning & Observation In Childrens Centres

    i've never uploaded before so hope it works LOL also hope it helps, its a pretty standard template that seems to be used in one form of another throughout the CC's in my local authority s_pweek1.doc
  14. I am wonering if anyone can suggest a more "correct way" to name different levels of a mixed ability planning group to indicate differentiation, i have previously used higher ability, middle ability and lower abiltity (done as standard by my previous setting) but would like to use something abit more positive and motivating, especially avoiding lower ability. Basically a planning goal from 3 age ranges of the EYFS is set eveytime for each goal the child is working towards. I am thinking of maybe just a random colour coding and then relating this to the age groups so if highlighted in pink it is 16-24m (lower) green 22-36m (middle) blue 30-50m (higher). ideas? advice?
  15. Ourselves For Under 3s

    I have been through the forum searching ourselves and have got alot of ideas but alot seem to be based on school nursery / reception age and was wondering if anyone had any ativities they had tried out for under 3s? I am planning ourseleves for our new intake of playgroup children who are just 2 and also for our new creche children who are any age from 3 months up, I am googling and reading up and swotting but nothing beats tried and tested :-)