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  1. Hi I teach Year 2 and have recently had some training on the benefits of using talk partners and peer evaluation, which I would like to introduce more into my class, using random talk partners that change each week, lollysticks etc. rather than just the 'turn to the person next to you' I have done before. I love the idea of the partners working together and sitting together at their tables all the time for the week, the training pointed out that ability groups were often very negative and children benefit from this mixed ability approach, but am interested if anyone does this for all their literacy/Numeracy and so children sit in their mixed ability pairs all the time and no longer in ability groups. The training I had talked about giving all children the same LO and context and success criteria, but just change the task a bit for access, ie. some children had a partially written story, some wrote from scratch. I wonder if anyone does this and how it works in practice if you have 2 children who are talk partners working on different levels of the task and how you organise your class/day. I'd like to use more of these ideas and less ability groups, but not sure how it works with differentiating in practice. I have for a long time thought sitting on a set table all the time, can be quite negative, but wondered how people differentiate effectively if it's not just by outcome if they always work in mixed ability? Thanks for all top tips!
  2. Growing Topic Resource

    Thanks so much for your kind help!
  3. Growing Topic Resource

    Hi there, does anyone have the article on Growing that used to be in the resource section. When I look there now I can only see the calendar of growing. Or does anyone have any good lesson plans they could share on planting and growing? Many thanks.
  4. Hi I have an observation coming up soon, in a Nursery setting. I am going to do a cooking activity and link it to Numeracy - counting spoonfuls ingredients etc.etc.. Has anyone any top tips for good lesson observations linked to cookery? our head is very keen that we explain the 'learning intention' to children at the start of the lesson she asks us to explain the Learning objective at the start of the lesson whether they are in Foundation stage of Year 6. I am curious as to how others do this in Foundation stage. Many of our activities have 3 or 4 learning intentions as very are very cross curricular activities so it might have a Learning Intention from PSRN, CLL and KUW. Does anyone know what good practise is as to sharing LO's with children in Foundation stage generally? Thanks so much for all advice!
  5. Thank you everyone for good ideas! Very helpful.
  6. hello there I am a student and having observations on several story times and one outside game for Nursery kiddies - the class have half EAL and 5 SEN so it's a challenge to keep them sitting still and foucused . Any suggestions for really engaging carpet time, outside game acitivities would be great