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  1. Tracking Analysis

    I am just confused with how we say if a child has made typical development for their age or not. E.g. if they are 49 months on entry what should they be achieving in autumn, spring and summer? Does O tracker tell you this? I would be interested as to what they think a child should be. The problem comes when we have such a range with children entering us from 49 months all the way to 60 months!! I would like a little grid which says if they are aged ...... they should be ...... throughout the different assessment points!!!
  2. Hi everyone I just wondered how everyone is tracking progress and attainment in Early Years? How do you show what the children's attainment is and how much progress they have made?
  3. Hi everyone, I just wondered if you could all advise how you currently plan for reception/foundation? We currently have the following levels of planning:Medium term plan - detailing the over arching topic and objectives to be covered along with possible activities. Continuous provision planning which states what resources are available in each area of the classroom and how adults can support these areas. These are just overviews for the year/long term. Weekly planning which has adult led and child choice activities on. I just wondered if people are adding enhanced provision onto their planning and wondered how this is different to child choice? Or has the term child choice been replaced with enhanced provision? I'm getting in a real muddle!! Thank you xxx
  4. I know The school previously did emerging etc within the month bands but now we have been told not to, I am very confused as to what we should do now :blink:
  5. Hi all, I have recently taken on the role of Early Years Leader and has a meeting with our LA early years advisor a few weeks ago. She has advised us not to track children as emerging/secure/exceeding within the month bands as it is best fit and shouldn't be broken down. I know this is hard for schools where senior management want to look at progress. She has also said that for tracking analysis purposes we should be looking at each individual child and consider whether they are 'below' 'typical' or 'above' in relation to their attainment and their actual age. Not sure what people think of this??
  6. FSP scores and NC levels

    Thank you for all your help/advice everyone. Reassuring to know I am not the only one in this situation! Even if it is a rubbish one!!!! I will let you know what my LA advisor says!!
  7. FSP scores and NC levels

    Makes me annoyed and sad!!!
  8. FSP scores and NC levels

    Yeh think I might have to!! I'm new to the role so have some training coming in the next few months so will see what they advise. Although my guess is that they too will agree it is ridiculous to expect us to do this!!
  9. FSP scores and NC levels

    I know all of this and have spent hours on the internet to prove that what she is asking me to do is wrong but it is not making any difference and she is still pushing for some sort of system!! It is such a horrible place to be in!!!
  10. Hi everyone I am in need of some serious help!!! My headteacher has asked me to convert the FSP scores into p-levels/national curriculum levels for the Year 1 teachers (and also so she can make predictions for the end of key stage 1). As much as I have explained this is not appropriate and goes against all the early years guidance and ethos, she is having none of it!! I understand she is under pressure from Ofsted and the local authority to do this!!! I have been trying to work out a system/correlation but unsurprisingly it is really difficult!!! I just wondered if anyone else out there has been forced into doing this and whether they have any advice or examples!! She is basically asking me to say if a child is emerging then they are ___ p-level etc Please help!!!
  11. Pshe Scheme Nightmare! Please Rescue Me!

    Hi Helen Thank you for your response. The things I am getting confused about are: - Should each year group have the same 6 themes. And if so how do I decide who teaches what objectives/actvities within these themes so that there isn't any repetition between the years. - I think the head would just like a scheme which outlines the objectives to be taught with references to supporting external documents and then some suggestions for activities. - Our healthy schools team have tried to provide support but just said for me to use SEAL, health for life and NC and then sent me on my way!!! Sorry to moan but for some strange reason I just can't get my head around it all and how to split the objectives across the key stage so that there is some progression!! Tinky
  12. Hi everyone, Please please please can someone out there rescue me from my nightmare?? I have been given the joyous task of re-writing our PSHE and Citizenship scheme of work over the summer holidays and I am finding it a real task!!!!! With the NC, SEAL and numerous other initatives i'm finding it really hard to get my head round which order the themes needs to go in, which year groups should teach which NC objectives etc. Does anyone out there have a PSHE scheme of work they would be willing to share or have any advice on how to write one?? This has already resulted me to tears twice so any help would be greatly appreciated??? Tinky
  13. Hi all!! Was hoping that someone would be able to help/lend a hand? I'm looking to apply for a TLR position as Early Years Coordinator/Foundation Stage Leader in a new school and wondered whether anyone had any advice or an example of a typical supporting letter you would send to the school? I haven't done one since applying for my job as an NQT so a little but out of practice!! Many thanks
  14. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone was using the DCSF document 'numbers and patterns: laying the foundations in mathmatics'. I'm hoping someone would be able to share how they use this document to support their planning of PSRN and whether you teach in the different phases, similarly to phonics and the 'letters and sounds' document. Hope someone can help me! Tinky
  15. Hi there, It's been a while since I've posted on this site and thought I would ask for some little help/advice. Our topic next term is Dinosaurs and I am just completing my continuous provision planning. Does anyone have any ideas for some actvities/resources that I could use linked to this topic in the following areas: Creative area Discovery area Numeracy area Writing area Phonics area Malleable area Thank you in advance