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  1. Exemplar Sefs

    hi I'm a childminder and mine is on pg 10 of this thread
  2. "next week we are doing star wars colouring sheets for them (now,now everyone don't tut and roll your eyes, they are appropriate in this case i promise!)" LOL actually he's an "end product" kind of boy and won't engage much in open ended art activities so this might appeal. Having said that he chose to paint outside for the first time ever last week and painted a clone trooper - amazing!! I love the Jedi writing and will try that I also love the idea of dance and movement activities too and will try that - thanks would love any more ideas too though
  3. I'm a registered CM and I'm looking for some ideas of how to enhance a 3 and a half year olds interest in Star Wars. Everything he talks about at the moment is based around star wars characters, he prefers to play with me mostly rather than the other children so although I always plan based on children's interests I've been a bit reluctant to follow this one as none of the other children have any concept or knowledge of star wars. What do others do when they identify a very strong interest that only one child has? I've thought of doing space again (although done that fairly recently) but actually it isn't really space that he's interested in, it's the characters in star wars, I've tried junk modelling light sabres but this wasn't appealing to him. any ideas would be appreciated
  4. sure these aren't anything new but mine enjoy: hummus and tzatziki with things they can dip in welsh cakes croissants and jam salami, olives pretzals, bagels and cream cheese sushi
  5. Hi, welcome to the forum Here is my one for farms risk_assessment___farm.doc hope it's useful
  6. Eyfs Planning

    Hi My planning is mainly for each individual child but I also have a longterm plan which covers seasonal things we do - such as blackberry picking and jam making, an autmn sensory story and treasure basket, Autumn stories and rhymes, leaf art etc. I use the children's learning journeys - photo's and obs to keep track of where they are and their interests and plan my week from there - for example, I noticed so and so is often talking about fairies so I have set up a woodland scene on the display table with fairies, fairy puzzles and fairy stories and planned a trip to the woods to look for fairies etc, etc
  7. Negative Behaviour Log

    I am a childminder and I agree that this seems a very inappropriate way of dealing with behaviour, I certainly wouldn't send one home after two days in a setting unless it was extremely significant - for eg. biting another child. I keep a "significant incident log" and use this to record and share with parents, I would only use this if behaviour was extreme and I see it as a way of being transparent with parents about how i deal with any incidents, this would then be discussed to make sure we were in agreement about the beahviour was dealt with. I dislike with an intensity the "naughty step" - she's obviously been watching too much supernanny!! going back to your main query though regarding keeping logs - as lone workers we do have to protect ourselves and sometimes this may mean writing more down than may be neccessary, but I do agree this instance seems over the top
  8. Sorry, but isn't it skilled adults that help develop language during play. As you say the reason you can't really define this to a list is that any toy/ resource can be used to develop language?
  9. New Ofsted Website

  10. Mirror

    i bought a set of 4 round mirrors and square mirrors from Ikea and stuck them on the lounge door - the children love to look in them
  11. I'm a childminder too and I've had a challenging few years with assessing a child for SL needs. I picked up additional needs very early on and it took nearly 9mths to convince the parents to acknowledge this and get the help she needed and I could do very little without their consent. It was another challenge to get the relevant professionals to take my concerns on board but I battled on believing that I was doing the best for the child, I managed to get her a statement shortly after she started school and she now has the 1:1 support she needs and is making great progress. A word of caution though - I've cared for other children who spoke very little at 2, I had concerns but they all had sudden bursts of language between 2 and a half and three, you don't want to worry parents unneccesarily. I think it's really important to look at the whole picture of the child - their social interaction, imaginative play, understanding of instructions - with the first child there were significant delays in all these areas but the other children it was just the language that was delayed best of luck
  12. Why Oh Why ?

    Just to add a bit more: It is really difficult - I always struggle to negotiate holiday pay and always end up getting less than I'd intended or giving more. I would be firm and go back and say you've considered it and have decided to keep your rates at £4 per hour especially as you are being so flexible (i'm not sure I'd want to have a session finish at 10.50) and he may find that other childminders say the same
  13. I hang sensory objects from my washing line - chimes, homemade shape mobiles, coloured acetate sheets, pots and pans, bells, ribbons etc. There are some lovely books called Baby and Beyond which show how to differentiate activities through the age ranges which have lovely ideas in - I have the natural resources and role play ones which are lovely A few ideas I've tried from them are - boxes ( get a range of different sized containers with different openings, hide bells, rattles, shells, pasta etc inside to discover mirrors - place a collection of mirrors on a rug/blanket and a selection of different fabrics for babies to crawl over and pull and discover the mirrors underneath
  14. Why Oh Why ?

    i agree with other responses - parents should not dictate to you the terms of your business and in my area that is definately a reasonable rate if slightly lower than the norm
  15. Children Arriving

    I would be pretty horrified. You're right to feel it's innappropriate. 2 yr olds need to be 2 yr olds and not mini pre schoolers. Their response seems to imply that the older children aren't staying at the carpet because they enjoy it but because they are being compliant - if it was a fun and enjoyable experience it wouldn't make a difference whether the two yr olds were staying or not