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  1. Today we had our tuff spot outside with our foam bricks in. We had a couple of small trays of shaving foam and trowels. The children Had great fun spreading their magic cement on the bricks and then building their walls. They asked for the hard hats and cement mixer out. A great morning. We also use them for large scale mark making - rolling patterned balls in paint. 6 children and adult lift the tray and they have to work together to roll the ball,side to side - its great fun. So many ways to,use them
  2. Worcestershire - Part Time Vacancy

    Hi gcse or its equivalent.
  3. Worcestershire - Part Time Vacancy

    We currently have a vacancy for an enthusiastic Early Years Practitioner. Must be Level 3 with English and Maths qualification. Key Worker responsibility. Must be able to work as part of a team, attend planning meetings and ongoing training as required. We are a committee led pre-school with a dedicated group of parents supporting us. We are based in Pershore and share a site with the Holy Redeemer Primary Catholic School. We have good links to the local community. Hours to be confirmed. Position term time only. Please email hopscotchpreschoolpershore@gmail.com or contact Suzanne on 01386 555718 for an application pack.
  4. Literacy in the Early Years

    there is plenty of time for formal learning in school - my 6 year old son still finds the act of writing quite difficult and he has good fine motor skills. He loves reading and has a great imagination and vocab so when he is ready to write I know his stories will be great. Why do we push them so young? We have been doing lots of storytelling activities at our mixed aged pre school and last week a little boy made a story up that lasted nearly 20 minutes. The adult who'd had the privilege of being close by and able to enjoy his story telling was so excited and moved by it. If we'd encouraged him to write it that rich language and magic would have been lost!
  5. Code of Conduct - staff and students!

    Sounds like something i had to deal with earlier this year, I am no longer a Manager so can't help but sympathise with you. I know someone fabulous will bea long to help asap. Good luck.
  6. Child Initiated Learning?

    Hi, yes i have always thought that Child initiated play is the children playing with the resources by their own undertaking without our leading the play, and Child initiated learning is them learning through their play so... the children playing with tigers realise that this one is the biggest/smallest, the children in the creative area make links through shapes matching those with similaries
  7. Celebrations And Festivals

    exactly what I was searching for yesterday :rolleyes:
  8. Ofsted Inspection

    Hi, our last inspection was 2010, the Inspector didn't listen when I was trying to say that she had my SEF from before I had updated it, she wouldn't listen, very frustrating and used it as the basis of the report.
  9. Queen's Knickers Story Sack...?

    We have pairs of pants with numbers on which we then peg onto a washing line, also an orchard toy washing game that they match pairs of pants socks on.
  10. Behaviour Management

    Hi Natalie, I would suggest asking your Senco Team, they have in the past delivered "in house" training for us so the whole team know how to handle behaviour
  11. WOW! Thank you for sharing, this is so exciting!
  12. Hi Panders, It was definately on here, I think it was from 2008? There is a more recent thread which i didn't see before which is fantastic but i want the other one too - greedy!
  13. Please can someone help, I'm losing my marbles! I found the most excellent thread on Wed/Thurs with small world in a box and scenery on a table for We're going on a bear hunt. I can't find it now
  14. Staffing Issue/ Not Attending Meetings/ Sickness

    Jeepers, sorry Inge, I was trying to be clever in my reply by doing it in bits but it's added them in to the quote - sorry