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  1. Risk Assessment for everything!

    Hi inspection was 2 years ago know, we are on the ball I know!!! Finleysmaid thank you! that has just produced a light bulb moment!! Doh!!! Will have a go at categorizing resources that should be much easier!!
  2. Risk Assessment for everything!

    Hi and thanks for replies, we have a generic one for indoors and outdoors which is completed before every session. However ofsted said we need one for every item the children come into contact with. Not sure there is enough paper available as you can imagine every item/resource a pre school would have is quite a list. Getting me down as seems a bit over the top to me.
  3. Hi there I wonder if anyone could help!! On our last Ofsted it was pointed out that we need a risk assessment for everything the children come into contact with!, toys etc! I am looking for a template either to use or amend, I have looked in the resources section but can find nothing really suitable been looking for hours now and not getting anywhere fast! Anyone got anything I could have a look at pplleeaassee! (bangs head against the wall)!!
  4. Creative Activity Incorporating Senses.

    thank you finleysmaid sounds great will definately keep this in mind sounds a good one!!
  5. Creative Activity Incorporating Senses.

    Thanks for the replies so far, looks like food used in activities is the way forward, and sounds messy too!! which we like!!
  6. Hello, Need help please? I need to come up with a creative activity that incorporates the 5 senses. An idea I have come up with is using shaving foam, as using their noses to smell and their fingers for touching, and eyes to look at. I would like something that includes more senses in one activity. Could anyone help me please?. Hopefully you wonderful people will be able to give me some ideas, I hope Thankyou.
  7. Oh goodness me, when you really think about these things it is quite a worry, thanks for all replies much appreciated!!
  8. Hello everyone, was just needing some help! I need to detail any non medical emergencies which may arise at a preschool/nursery. I can only think of 'missing child', 'fire' and 'break in to premises' was wondering if anyone else could think of anymore! Thanks in anticipation.
  9. I wonder if any of you lovely people could help, I am looking for a form (blank) that could be used to risk assess everything children come into contact with in a setting on a daily basis (been told by ofsted we need to do this), I have looked around on the site and found one a few weeks ago and for the life of me can not find it again. Has anyone got one they would be willing to share. Thank you sooo much in advance.
  10. Fip's

    Thanks for form Beau, looking at it now, very useful thanks again
  11. Fip's

    Thank you so much for replies, I completely agree with the terms of some of these things!!! What is the point!!! Thanks for sharing your example much appreciated.
  12. Good Afternoon everyone, was wondering if anyone out there has a template for a FIP (Focus Improvement Plan). Would like to get one up and running for my setting and really do not know where to start!! Have had a browse around and dont seem to be able to find anything!! Please help!!
  13. Web Site Design

    Hi though anonimity would be a problem, but thanks for pm, now got some sort of idea as to what to add to website (looks really good by the way) Thanks again
  14. Web Site Design

    Would love to see some of your websites, are you able to put on links?? Thinking of going down this route too and dont have a clue what one should look like
  15. Comic Relief

    Thanks for link and reminder, just sent off for pack, now need some ideas as to what to do!!