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  1. Games, And Songs Ideas

    just had a look at singup and its fab, thank you x
  2. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set up a shaded quiet area outdoors. I love the wigwams but my headmistress doesnt so I need to think of an alternative. Any suggestions?
  3. hello everyone...I would be very grateful for some little ideas for 5 minute games-just some fillers before going home time that maybe last between 5-15 minutes. I would aslo love some action CD songs that I could use. Im going to buy the Tumble Tots ones but would like to get a few more. Thank you, p.s im 29 weeks pregnant this week and I am sooooo tired.......
  4. Hello everyone......it can't possibly get any hotter. I have looked at lots of websites now while planning for my outdoor area. I have found some wonderful canopies on a website called www.zenithcsl.com. Im a bit stuck now for little extra things to order like things for PSRN. I would be very grateful for any extra ideas that any of you have done in your outdoor area. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xxxx
  5. Outdoor Area

    Im hoping to work up to October half term, but you never know! I may be hobbling at that stage. Thanks for that website.
  6. Hello everyone. Im currently in the middle of developing my outdoor area and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on particular catalogues that have canopys, shades etc.Or just catalogues that you have ordered from in the past-for outdoor toys. I would also love some advice on a list or some examples of things that you have in your outdoor area. Thank you. P.s im pregnant and now allowed to tell everyone! Im due in December. Would love to hear when the usual time is to finish work in our line of work for maternity leave........
  7. It's me again! Ive just spent an hour searching the internet for ideas on an art and craft activity based on the theme of Africa. Im basing the topic around the story of 'Handa's Surprise'. The children will be given props to act out the story and we will try different fruit from the story. I just need one more thing that is based on an art and craft. Any ideas?? xx
  8. Bereavement Books

    Thank you everyone xxx
  9. Hello everyone, I have a parent who has asked me about books for Nursery aged children that are based on the loss of a loved one (her Grandad). Any ideas? xx
  10. Hairdressers Role Play

    What fabulous ideas! Im really excited about this one as Im going with the children's interests. The other day I found one little girl leaning back onto another little girl's lap who had a towel around neck and she was pretending to wash her hair. They said, "We are playing hair cutters!" So that was what helped me to decide my next role play. Thank you for all of your ideas xxxx
  11. Hello everyone.. Im going to change my role play over the next few days into a hairdressers. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set it up? xxx
  12. Seaside Assembly

    I would be very grateful for any ideas on songs, rhymes, dances and stories based on the theme of the 'Seaside' for my assembly. Thank you everyone xx
  13. Hello everyone, It's coming up to that time in the year when I have to prepare an assembly for my 22 4 year olds to perform to their parents. Does anyone have any ideas? Last year my children acted out The Very HUngry Caterpillar and sung a lovely caterpillar song. Our theme was growing. Our assembly is in June and our topic will be growing again, and at the moment the children are loving our theme of The Seaside-so I could base it on this theme. Ideas would be very much appreciated xxxxx
  14. I have just read the topic of 'What is in your tuff spot this week?' and it was so fantastic that I thought I would start this one. A focused activity that I did recently was based on the book 'Going on a Bear Hunt'. We set up a few things in our outdoor area: mud in tuff spot, bubble machine (to represent the snow storm), water in another tuff spot and a small tent which was the cave of the bear. We then talked the story through whilst the children experienced each step repeating the phrases from the book. When we got to the cave an actual bear came out!! (it was actually my t.a dressed up). It was a fabulous activity and one member of staff wrote observations down while another lead the group. Would love to hear your ideas.
  15. Beach/sea Topic

    Hello everyone. Any ideas on the theme of the Beach? Im going to have an ice cream stall as my role play. Just need some inspiration for extra ideas....