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Has anyone managed to find anything to help with report writing? I need to write them in addition to completeing Foundation Stage Profiles and would like to use the information collected but with parent friendly wording without too much work involved in rewriting the statements. :o

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some LEA's are now using electronic reporting - which consists of marking bars on a sheet which is read by a computer and printed as a report. Each foundation area consists of a bank of statements and the teacher picks the most appropriate for the child concerned. Cons - can be stilted and not particulary 'touchy feely'; Pros - most of the companies who provide this service are trying to incorporate a bank of statements relating to the FSP so hopefully teachers will be able to link the two assessment processes and make the whole thing a little less painful. I still have my doubts about using the profile as a report in itself as I have mentioned on the FSP forum. Anyway good luck with your reporting - make it as positive as possible (I speak as a parent as well as a practitioner!)


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