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I currently work in a school Nursery. We have a child that has been referred to be assessed as he has lots of violent behaviours. As you know it all takes time to get sorted but he will be starting Reception in September, he also then turns five. 
When he can’t get his own way or other children want to play he gets violent. He has  attacked two children already, punched a practitioner and gave her a black eye, head butted another in the back then punched her in the nose and gave her a nosebleed . Today he has assaulted another child and has been violently kicking another practitioner in the legs. 
The school say they can’t give him one to one as no funding, higher needs funding doesn’t cover LSA wage and they can’t refuse to have him in Nursery. 
I’m sure this isn’t right, does anyone know? Why should we have to put up with this violence from a four year old. The school have a policy on assault but apparently it does not apply to the Nursery!!!!!

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just to clarify Are you asking if you can ask for him to be excluded or asking what help might be available? 

as a maintained setting you should be able to get advice and support from an educational psychologist, but i would also be referring this family . Do they have any social care involvement? This little one is desperate for support.

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One thing the school do have is a duty of care to staff, no matter what year group they work in. 

As @finleysmaid says, advice from LA should be seeked, but this does take time. In the meantime, the school needs to come up with a plan to protect the child, other children and staff, working with the family too. Clear guidance needs to be adhered to. It's all very well school saying they can't do anything, but if that child is starting school soon, then it becomes very much their problem - so better to get support in now surely!?

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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. At our place the SENCo is as involved with nursery a anywhere else in school. When 5he say that there isn’t funding for 1:1 support that may be technically true - I frequently have children who don’t get enough funding - doesn’t mean they don’t get the support.

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Hi Piglet

I am also not sure what you are asking

I'm sorry that you are in such a difficult situation

This quote is a favourite of mine:

'Thinking of a child as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of a child as struggling to handle something difficult encourages you to help them through their distress'

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