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Promoting Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)


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Help children to become self-confident, make strong relationships and manage their feelings with this online course by NDNA experts.

What will I learn?

Following the Early Years Inspection Handbook update (September 2019), your nursery will now be judged on how you support children's emotional security. Ofsted will expect your children to demonstrate confidence, resilience and independence.

This NDNA online course will help you to promote children's personal, social and emotional development. You will learn how to encourage self-confidence and self-awareness, how to help children make relationships, and how to help them manage their feelings and behaviour.

Key course topics:

  • Key stages of PSED, according to age group
  • Brain development and its impact on children's social and emotional development
  • Key theories on PSED
  • The environment, relationships and the unique child
  • Planning and providing opportunities to promote PSED.

  • This course is endorsed by CACHE and contains four modules. At the end of the course you will be able to download a certificate to save for ongoing professional development, or if you are pursuing the Level 3 Diploma you can use this as part of your evidence portfolio.

    Course duration: 5 hours

For further details and to book, click here

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