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We are having real difficulty with outdoor signs and labels. I have previously laminated signs (leaving a wide border) and used cable ties to tie them outside. They have lasted at least a year. This year my school has purchased cheaper laminating sheets and the signs have only lasted two months before becoming ripped and torn. Does anyone have any good ideas - e.g. outdoor white/chalk boards and suggestions about where to purchase them? My other solution is to cut pieces of wood, drill holes and write the labels before varnishing them, but this seems an awful lot of work. What does everyone else do? 

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we have an incredibly windy garden! it is pretty useless putting signs outside for us, so we write on things with chalk or use chalk markers on sticky blackboard paper (cheap rolls form the range) we draw on the floor and write arrows on equipment then let the rain wash it off and start again. The children pay a lot more attention to it and it doesn't destroy the environment. with needless plastic consumption. DO you need to label things outside ?

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