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Feel a little bit disheartened


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I am room leader in a 2-5 yr room. My manager has told me (in front of other junior staff) that children shouldn't be allowed to do dancing/music & movement activities dressed in costumes. She bases this on safeguarding issues and 'having a place' for dressing up time...i.e. not when dancing but when involved in role play activities. I understand the safeguarding issue with long dresses etc.but surely we can risk assess to make sure there are no accidents.  

I disagree but what does everyone else think?

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I think you need a new job!!! ....how disrespectful of her to do this in front of your staff. Not sure really what the difference between role play dancing and role play not dancing!!! 

I guess if the clothes were really long then for health and safety reasons i might sort them out and i would definitely move furniture away etc ...seems a bit petty maybe and i wouldn't ever describe this as a safeguarding issue . Our children often take dressing up outside !

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I am shocked by this. Our children love dressing up and asking for music to be put on to dance to.  I can see no safeguarding issue with this as the staff will be with the children and observing as normal! I think this is a very sad attitude from the manager.

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What safeguarding issues are there from dressing up? It's a strange reason to give really, as I can only really see it being a safeguarding issue if the children require help in getting changed, but again, that would be covered by policies that should already in place.

As for any other risks, they should already have been assessed just by having dressing up there anyway. 

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