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New Android App Frequently Asked Questions


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New Android/Amazon OS app Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for people interested in the next generation Tapestry app on Android and Amazon OS. Below we explain what has changed in the new version and answer some common questions about it. if you are interested in beta testing the new version, we explain how to do that.

What has changed?

Everything has changed behind the scenes. But the big features are:

  • You can filter which children and observations you see.
  • You can start your next observation without waiting for the previous one to upload.
  • You can now temporarily work offline if you enable this setting on your account.

How can I download the Android beta version of the next generation app?

Although the Android app is currently in the beta stage, meaning we are still making changes to it and there might be the occasional bug, it is available to everyone. 

It's a completely separate app to the original one and you can download it from your Play store by searching for 'Tapestry'. You should see two different apps, the original and the new one. The new one will have our logo in a round white circle.





You can also check it is the new app you are downloading as when you select that option, on the next screen, you can see it was last updated this year. The original app was last updated on the 30th August 2018. 




I Have Amazon Devices, how can I get the new app?

The beta version is now available on Amazon devices that can download the current Tapestry app. You can download it using the instructions above. 

Can I use the next generation app with my normal Tapestry account?

Yes. You can use the beta app with your normal Tapestry account. If you decide you want to leave the beta you can disable beta access by clicking the link at the bottom of the web page. You can also switch back and forth between the web interface to Tapestry, the current app and the beta app as you see fit. 


Will I have to upgrade to this app?

Not straight away. You will be able to keep using the old app in parallel at least until Summer 2019.


Will my app automatically upgrade to the next generation?

Not straight away. To avoid forcing people to upgrade when it isn’t convenient to them, we are releasing this app in parallel. This means you will need to manually update to it.


The new iOS app has an offline mode, is this coming to Android devices?

Yes, this is now available for testing on the Android/Amazon beta!


Will it run on my phone / tablet? aka: what version of Android/Amazon OS is required?

The app should run on any device running Android 4.1 or later. The Amazon OS and Amazon Fire model numbers are bit more complicated, but if your Amazon device can use the current Tapestry app it should be able to download the beta version. Brand new Amazon Fire devices purchased from Amazon will work with the app.


When will you stop supporting the current Android/Amazon OS app?

We won’t be releasing any new features for the current Android app, but we will fix bugs and continue to support it until at least Summer 2019.


When is feature X coming to the app?

The app has improved a lot ‘behind the scenes’ which should allow us to release new features more rapidly. To help us prioritise, do let us know what you would like to see.


My parents / staff are not good with technology, will they know when to update to the new version?

If they are happy with the existing version, then stick with it at least in the short term.


I’ve found a problem with the next generation app, where can I report this?

We are sorry that you have found a problem. Please describe the problem and what triggers it in as much detail as possible in an email to customer.service@eyfs.info and we will do our best to help.


Do I have to change my password or PIN to use the next generation app?

Your existing password and PIN should work fine.


Previously I could only login to one of my Tapestry accounts using the app, does the next generation app fix this?

Yes. You will be given a choice of which account to log into when you have entered your email and password.


I have an older Android device that can't download the next generation app, will you add support for this?

Unfortunately no. To keep in line with good security practices Tapestry will very soon be switching to TLS 1.2 encryption being mandatory.  Android devices older than 4.1 are simply incapable of supporting this standard.


I have downloaded the Tapestry app but I don't have any of the new features?

You may have downloaded the older version of the app. You can tell if you are in the new app because, once you log in, there will be the word ‘You’ on the top left side of the screen. With the older version of the app you will see a cog icon.


Is there an extra charge for the next generation app?

No. It is included in the Tapestry subscription.


Is the new app also available for iOS devices?

Yes, please find the FAQ page for the new iOS app here.

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