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We switched to tapestry in June and would usually be setting new next steps at the end of August ready for the new term.. can all of this be done through tapestry, if so how and what do other settings do? Do you create reports? do you still have paperwork?

Any support is really appreciated.

Thank you

Edited by Kiera Hawke

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Hi Kiera,

Welcome to the FSF and thanks for making your first post!

There isn't currently a way of setting next steps on Tapestry, but we have had this on our 'to do' list for a while! We're working out a way of there being an efficient way of setting next steps and then being able to attach these to any observations that apply. And then being able to view the previous next steps and how they were addressed. This will hopefully give you the full cycle of planning-observation-assessment that most settings would like to see. If you have any requirements that you'd like us to bear in kind, please fire away here!

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