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Using tapestry to create reports for staff meetings

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Does anyone utilise the tapestry analysis information to create reports for staff. I want to prepare a short report for staff on how well/not so well children are developing across the different areas. So we can discuss this as a group and plan accordingly.

Has anyone found a good way of delivering this information to a group. The charts on tapestry are a bit complicated to understand at times and I want the information to be easy to understand.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great.


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Hi Sally

I print off the ‘latest’ snapshot at the end of each term, in cohorts (girl/boy), I then go through and highlight each aspect each child showed progress in (even a refinement) it really doesn’t take long, not only does this show where a child has stagnated in an aspect but it also shows if areas of provision need looking at e.g at the end of last term it showed our oldest girls had made little or no progress in EM&M even though they are always involved in role play, singing and arty things etc when looking into it they weren’t using construction resources so we could plan enhancements to engage them in that.

I also print off the age band tracker, we then moderate at a staff meeting to make sure the chn are where we think they should be in their cohort and can adjust if needed.


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