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Please can anyone give me advice about safe and secure room dividers. I have been using a lindam room divider for a year now to cordon off the entry area.  It recently broke and I cannot find this product anymore, seems to be discontinued.

trouble is, all other companies I have tried are easy to open. I need a double locking system which is easy enough for adults but too difficult for clever and energetic toddlers.

Can anyone help me?

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We have had some success adding straps and clips from toddler harnesses - If you cut a length of the strap and heat seal the ends you can screw the strap to the wall to provide an additional fixing. We have our gate to the kitchen locked with the 'normal' stair gate lock and then we have put the additional lock on ourselves - you can screw the straps to the wall and loop through or, as we have done, screw them to the gates themselves if they are wooden.


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