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If you want to direct the parents of several children to a particular EasyPeasy video, rather than adding an observation for each individual child, you could make a group observation. That will then be visible to all the relatives!

To do that you need to, first of all, click on the 'add observation' button. You can also do this through the app by clicking on the + button. 




Next, click on the 'Select Children'' button.



You can select children from the list of children, according to their group(s) or according to their cohort.

If you've set up a group for your EasyPeasy children (as shown in this tutorial), you can select all of them at once by choosing that group and clicking on the 'select all'. You can then untick any the children in the group who the observation you're making isn't suitable for if you like. 



As you add children, you'll see that their names appear above the 'select children' button and that they'll have little 'x's next to them:


If you incorrectly add a child you can easily remove them from this list of children by clicking that 'x'.

You can then finish the rest of the observation in the normal way and when you've saved it, you will see the observation appear only once in your overview/home screen:



The group of children will be listed but if the list is longer than three you will see a button showing how many more have been earmarked as belonging to that observation. If you click on this button you'll find a popup listing all of the added children:



Although you can see all of the children's names as a staff member, the parents will only see their child. If a parent comments however, everyone will see it, so if you're going to do this it's important that you think about whether you want to allow them to do that. Doing so might mean they build a rapport with each other and help each other out, but equally, they might not be comfortable sharing some feedback if they know that other relatives will see their comments. 

Take a look at our user permissions tutorial if you're not sure how to change that. 

Any changes you make to that observation will affect all the children, so if you want to add something individual for each one, you might want to split this observation.
To do that click the cog to the right of the multiple observation you want to split, and choose 'Split Group Observation' from the drop down list as shown below:



Click this button and you'll see a popup box that lists all children who are part of this group observation. To the right of the names of these children is a check box:


You can choose which children you want to split away from the group observation by putting ticks in the boxes next to their names and then press the 'split observation' button.

Once you've done that, you'll find that the home page now lists observations for those children you have split away separately from the main group observation. That means you can edit the text and the assessments of the observation as though they are a normal individual observations and what you do to one won't affect another.





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