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Adding Relatives Individually


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If you would like relatives to add their feedback about EasyPeasy videos to Tapestry you'll need to make sure they've each got a login to your account. This will also allow them to view and add to their child’s learning journal.

If you would like to add multiple relatives at once to Tapestry in bulk, you will be able to do so by importing a CSV (spreadsheet) file into Tapestry. For further details on this, please refer to this tutorial here.

But, to add them one at a time you first need to be logged in as a manager, then go to the "Control Panel" and then select (1) "Manage Relatives" and then (2) "Add Relative".


This will take you to a form with a number of options that will allow you to add a new relative.


The form contains various fields for you to fill in to set up the relative's account.

(1) Use this button to upload a portrait photo of the relative that will be used as their profile picture. This can then be edited by using the crop and rotate buttons (optional).
(2) Enter a first and last name for the relative (required).
(3) In this next section you will need to enter an email for the relative to log in with (required).

Activating The Account

In the screenshot above,(4) refers to the activation method, for which there are 3 ways of adding a relative and activating their account; you may choose one of the following options: 
Email an activation link to the user. 
Manually enter a password and make active immediately. 
Do not activate yet.


Email an activation link to the user means an activation email will be sent to the registered email for the account. There will be a link in that which enables the relative to set their password and PIN. This link is valid for 30 days, after which point it will expire and they will not be able to use this activation link to activate their account. Instead a new activation email will need to be sent (details on how to resend an activation email can be found here).
When an activation email is sent, the relative will enter a state of activating.
This means that in order to complete the activation process and become active, they will need to use the link provided in the activation email, setting up a password and PIN for their account.
Once they have set their password and PIN, their account will move from activating to active and they will be able to log into Tapestry.

Manually enter a password and make active immediately means you (the manager) need to manually set the account up with a password and PIN. This means you will have to inform the parent of the password and pin yourself, then get them to log in and change it to something of their own choosing.
When the password and PIN are manually set by a manager, their account is made active immediately and they are therefore able to log into Tapestry.
This option is the method you will need to select, if the relative is being registered with a fake email address as they will not be able to receive the activation email.

Do not activate yet allows you to add the relatives to the Tapestry account, but not to send an activation email or to manually enter their password and PIN yet.
When you do this, you're adding the relative to the account but they will not be able to log into Tapestry until you send them an activation email and the link in that is used or you manually set the password and PIN yourself.


The final thing you need to make sure you do, is link the child to the relative. You can do that at the bottom of the adding relative form.


Click on (1) to choose the child, and (2) to select the relationship of this relative. If a relative has more than one child in the setting, click the "Add Another Child" button, and select them from the drop-down list.
Once you are ready to save the relative click on save (3)

Please note that you can save without attaching a child but if you do that, when the relative logs in they won't see any observations.

If you do not attach the child to the relative at this stage, then you may do so later and this tutorial will guide you through this.

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