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How to manage violent child in school based nursery

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I have a little boy who started in our nursery in September. He is attending pm sessions only.

We are gathering evidence and our Senco has also observed him.

He spends the entire session hitting, kicking, slamming into the other children as well as steaming through anything the other children are working on.

We have provided resources/toys which we know are his favorites but his focus is only about one minute and then he is off again to chase/bother other children.

Mum has attended one session with him but this didn't make any difference to the behavior which is relentless.

Suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you.


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Have you involved your advisory team? You should be able to access support from there and perhaps additional funding for another pair of hands, if that would help? How did settling go? Did you see any indication of these behaviours at that point? It's a really difficult situation for everyone and it's so hard when other children are bearing the brunt of his frustrations - have other parents made any remarks? How is mum managing at home?

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It could be sensory feedback is coming from things he crashes into or falls onto. This is going to take time to unpick.

Perhaps having a blanket that you can tightly wrap him in will help establish his body awareness. Get him to gently rub his arms his legs again may stimulate his body awareness.

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