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Hi All, looking for some advice,


I am a FS2 teacher at a British School in Dubai. We have 11 classes across FS1 and FS2 and our Head of Foundation Stage has asked me to run some weekly trainings for our TAs with a different focus each wee (first one being The Role of the TA, then Behaviour Management, then Curriculum, then observations-you get the idea).


The problem is I am having trouble knowing where to pitch the first one in particular as we have a real range of abilities, we have about half of the staff who are Philippino who are lovely but have no training (two stood and watched two children tying another child to a pole with a chain) and are not good at multitasking whilst we have a couple who have their level 4 and can do complete observations on Tapestry.


Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for activities for the first session (The Role of the TA-expectations etc.) so that I don't end up talking down to anyone but so that its exciting and useful to all. Thanks in advance!!



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Hi Fiona,


We have a similar situation with TAs who have very different levels of knowledge and skills. We have encouraged the unqualified TAs to do the 'Introduction to the EYFS' course (an online course by the NDNA which costs only £10) with help from the more qualified TAs. It has been good for promoting staff relationships and has given all the TAs a sense of ownership over their own professional development. Once the staff all have a basic knowledge they may be able to access the training on behaviour management etc.

For the first session (role of the TA) you could ask them to all note down their own ideas as to what that entails, then discuss and pick apart in an open forum. You could also show some filmed examples (lots on Youtube) to give pointers.


Best of luck!


Mrs Pinny

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