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Great bit of mythbusting, however...


It does lead me to the question of parents who are divorced or separated and their relationship is not always amicable!


Basically: having parents see each other's comments on observations is not always a great thing... it's not really the place for getting one over your ex, but needless to say the temptation is obviously too much for some people...


Perhaps a feature could be added whereby certain individuals are not able to comment on observations? Or, better still, cannot see a specific person's comments, perhaps? A bit like blocking visibility to someone on Facebook I guess.


If I've missed something, I apologise in advance!


All the best, Giles

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Hi Giles,


Welcome to the forum!


Sometimes providers find themselves in a situation where the parents of a child are estranged and do not communicate effectively. This can impact negatively on a child’s Tapestry journal. As providers are aware, unless there is a legal ruling excluding one or other parent they cannot treat parents differently. There is a statutory requirement (SF p10,1.10) for the child’s key person to engage and support parents and/or carers in guiding their child’s development at home.

Currently on Tapestry, there is no facility to disable comments by parents when they are linked as ‘active’ parents to their child’s journal. The Tapestry developers are looking into the possibility of making a ‘disable comments’ feature that could be applied to individual children’s journals. This would prevent any ‘active’ parents, linked to the child’s account from being able to add comments. They would still be able to view the key person’s observations and comments on their child’s journal.

In the meantime, if this is a problem for settings one solution might be as follows:

• Make both parents “Inactive” – therefore they would not be linked to the child’s journal and receive updates
• Continue to add to the child’s journal in the setting
• Make a separate arrangement for parents to come in individually to view the journal and add their comments or photographs with the key person (thereby ensuring that all additions to the journal are appropriate)


I hope this helps!

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