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Transition weeks

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I know its only January but transition is on my mind because as a school we are moving to the model of the children moving up to their new year group for the last 2 wks of the year.


In reception we normally do a parent and child lunch and then the children stay for the afternoon, then one full day in school. The majority of the new starters attend our nursery so are familiar with school.


Any new ideas would be grateful.

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Personally I'd do a lot more transition than that, but I know not everyone is able to.


We do normal home visits and nursery visits, (but obviously the nursery visits aren't relevant to the majority of yours as I assume they are already very familiar with you reading them stories etc in the attached nursery).

Last year we had lots from a variety of different nurseries so we did something like 6-8 days of transitions for increasing lengths of times. These ranged from an hour session with parents up to full mornings with dinner and no parents, and also included coming to forest school and zoo school sessions. Plus 2 or 3 invites for new parents and children to special whole school events etc. that were happening anyway. Obviously there are the talking sessions for parents too.


However at times when more have come from a single local nursery we have had slightly less transition days, maybe more like 5, and just had lots of unofficial sessions with children from the nursery coming into the class on a weekly basis from around March, and staff from school reading stories in the nursery etc.

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