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Unlocking locked accounts

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To help prevent hackers attempting to guess user accounts through repetitively entering hundreds of passwords, Tapestry automatically shuts a user out if an incorrect password is entered three times.

It's only for fifteen minutes, but this means it would take huge amounts of time for someone to stumble upon the correct password. However, to enable you to resolve this yourself (eg if a staff member has accidentally locked him/herself out) Tapestry also allows managers to unlock accounts for staff and/or parents. This is how you go about it:

Go to the (1) Manage staff screen in the Management Control Panel of Tapestry, and find the relevant member of staff. If they are still locked out there will be a (2) red button indicating this:




To unlock the account you just need to click on the cog button at the end of the row of the staff member's name and select 'unlock password' from the drop down menu.

When you click on that you will taken to another page which will tell you why the account was locked, to then complete the unlocking process you just need to click on the 'Unlock' button.




Once that has been done the account will become unlocked, the red button will disappear and a note at the top of the page will say 'Account unlocked'.




To do the same thing for parents or other relatives, visit the 'Manage Relatives' screen and go through the same process.


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