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No sound on videos using Apple App

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We have had a couple of users who have uploaded videos using the Apple app on iPads and have reported they have no sound.


You need to allow the Tapestry app to use the devices microphone to record the sounds and you can do this very easily by doing the following:


Go to settings and then click on privacy




In Privacy choose Microphone




Then ensure that the button is flicked to green for the Tapestry app as below




So if you upload a video and there is no sound on playback please check your settings to ensure you have allowed the Tapestry app to access and use the device's microphone.



If the uploaded video has sound that plays fine when listened to on the Tapestry website, but doesn't have sound when played on your device, please check that the device isn't muted (the switch on the side on iPhones and iPads).


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