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E-profile Vs Assessment Manager In Sims

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I have used E-Profile for years but our school Assessment Manager has decided to use Assessment Manager through SIMS throughout school and I'm told that the EYFSP scores can be added into this system and provide more analysis such as how SEN, EAL, etc. children are doing and is much more comprehensive than e-profile.Does anyone else use Assessment Manager and can let me know how they find it? Any review much appreciated.

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I think there is a specific difference between one and the other:

eprofile is designed for reception classes only to record their EYFSP outcomes and contains built in quality assurance features, such as the 1-3 lock and the way that it shows the exemplification for each scale point. It's a working tool for the teacher.


SIMS is a summative assessment record system which gives you the data from that which you input.


I don't see one as necessarily mutually exclusive from the other. I could for example use the eprofile to record and manage the EYFSP as a class teacher, whilst printing out the scale scores quite happily for whoever inputs it into the SIMs system - SAO or assessment manager etc.....




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