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  2. End of year development sheets/trackers

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for your response. That does help a lot. Could i just ask with the trackers, before you went onto tapestry, did you keep the tracker sheets and if so for how long? Thank you
  3. Putting a Tender together

    Thinking of you, and hoping things go positively for you. x
  4. Hi Debi There is risk in any form of information storage, whether it be on paper or stored electronically, and the risk of loss or data breech of paper files presents its own security challenges. At Tapestry, we employ the highest levels of security available to us and safeguarding of information is of paramount importance. All of the children’s information is stored securely within our datacentres, not on local computers within settings, and we employ the very highest levels of security for all of the data we hold. We employ strong authentication and encryption to ensure that only authorised people have access to the information we hold, and then only to the right information. You can find technical details within our contract, which is available under the Tapestry Control Panel. I hope this helps. Tim :-)
  5. Summative assessment HELP

    Hi kabin, Welcome to the forum! I'm afraid when you export summative assessments from Tapestry, this does not include links to any evidence within observations. When you go to the summative assessment page though if you're on the individual view you can click on the 'show details' button to see the observations with assessments in that have contributed towards the score you are seeing. On the group view page to see this you just need to click on the actual assessment. If you were looking for evidence for a specific area/aspect you could use the 'Assessments' tab which you can find on the Observations page. From there you can select a framework, area and aspect as well if you wish, and this will pull up all observations which include an assessment that matches your criteria. To see this for an individual child you can just use the page filters, so click where it says 'Filter & Sort Observations' and then from the 'Child' drop-down, you can select a specific child. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Emily
  6. Hi, we are in the process of setting up Tapestry and getting parental permission. We have just had one parent who is asking to stay with the paper based journals as she is worried about online security, because it seems too easy for computer systems to be hacked. How can I reassure her and hopefully change her mind? Thanks Debi
  7. Staff application form

    That's great, thanks Rebecca
  8. Does anyone know when you print the table for the summative assessment termly is there any kind of written evidence that tapestry provide? if so where do we find it? thank you
  9. End of year development sheets/trackers

    Hi Shanaz, When we were working on paper (we are in Tapestry now) we would only send the child's individual report - no trackers. For us, trackers were about cohorts and groups of children. Any points regarding progress would be addressed in the report 'Billy is making excellent progress' or 'Billy is gradually gaining confidence' for example. The Reception teachers would understand what that means. You would also have conversations with the teachers as part of transition at which time you would raise any concerns that your trackers had highlighted. Hope that helps
  10. Hi! We use the same application form for all staff irrespective of their role - someone working in the kitchen would still need to tell me about their experience etc. I would make the differentiation in the interpretation of the form, not in the form itself. By this I mean that someone writing in response to the question "Why do you want this job?" - 'I run a busy kitchen at home for my family and the hours and flexibility in this post are perfect for me while my child is at school' would be encouraged to interview, whereas I would be looking for a 'I've always wanted to work with children and I have been babysitting for my siblings and cousins for 5 years' is an appropriate answer to the same question if I were recruiting for a childcare apprenticeship position. I hope that helps
  11. Putting a Tender together

    Lots of love and luck Narnia x Stay in touch xx
  12. Yesterday
  13. Putting a Tender together

    Oh Narnia, it does indeed put things into perspective. Sending you my best wishes and hopes for the future
  14. I think it’s the same everywhere, I now find myself saying “oh dear, did I forget to add the date to the Newletter, notice board, Tap message, Fb page.....”
  15. Putting a Tender together

    Also sending Best Wishes your way Narnia :-(
  16. Horley Sure Start Children's Centre Qualified Early Years Play Worker – 19 hours Fixed Term until 31st March 2019 To start September (or sooner if available) Monday to Thursday all year round Surrey S4 FTE 17,323 – 19,677 / Actual 11,549 – 13,118 We currently have a vacancy for an experienced Early Years Practitioner to join our friendly hardworking team. The role involves the delivery of universal and targeted play sessions and workshops at the Children's Centre and in various venues with in the community. The successful applicant will be responsible for the planning, organisation and delivery of child focused activities. Providing universal and targeted play sessions and workshops for families and children within the local area You will be energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated to providing quality services. If you are a good communicator who enjoys the company of adults and children, you may be the person who can help us share our good practice. The successful applicant will also have: NVQ 3 in early years & child care or equivalent and knowledge of the EYFS is essential. Experience of working with children and families A good working knowledge and understanding of the issues facing parents The ability to support and encourage all parents whatever their background The ability to work in a team and preferably have experience of supervising other team members Enthusiasm and passion for working with young children and their families Please download an application pack from: www.horleychildrenscentre.com or www.surreycc.gov.uk/jobs And email to hccmanager@meath-green-infant.surrey.sch.uk Closing date: Sunday 29th July Interviews: Wednesday Am 1st August Informal discussions and visits to the centre are encouraged. Please call Natalie on 01293 820068. Horley Sure Start Children’s Centre are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff and volunteers will be required to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure Check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Play Worker Role Profile.pdf Application_Form_Qualified Play Worker 2018.docx
  17. Putting a Tender together

    Oh no Narnia, I am so, so sorry to read this, I am sending the kindest thoughts to you and your husband
  18. Putting a Tender together

    What a shock for you - does definitely put everything in to perspective. Hope he soon makes a full recovery. Your're right, everything else should wait. Best wishes to you both.
  19. Putting a Tender together

    Everything put into perspective this weekend.........................my husband was rushed into A& E, he'd been suffering major headaches all week, with sensitivity to light, painful to touch his scalp, pain all down his face......I honed 111 for advice as to what I could give him and they told me to take him to A&E without delay..............he was seen immediately, taken straight through ahead of everyone else. Seems he might have something called Giant Cell Artritis (GCA).a horrible condition that can lead to sudden, irreversible blindness , strokes etc. He will see a specialist within the next 48 hours and have a biopsy. Everything else can wait........
  20. Hi We are looking into employing a supply worker, predominantly for "as and when" kitchen duties. We have advertised and a parent (whose child is leaving for school this term) is very interested. We would obviously CRB, although there would be limited child contact. However, our normal application form, seems very involved for this position. Has any one employed on this basis and have you used a full app form? or has any one got a more basic one to share? Thanks
  21. New tabs

    Hi, The Snapshots and Analysis tabs have now been replaced by the 'Tracking' tab. You will find all of the same screens from that drop-down and when you click on the EYFS section you will see this is still separated into two separate columns for Snapshots and Analysis. Can I ask which tutorial it was that you saw these tabs referenced? Best wishes, Emily
  22. Last week
  23. Hi everyone, with children that are leaving to go onto school or another setting, we usually do reports covering all the areas etc. We also have paper trackers still, do we also send these with the child and if so do we also need to keep a copy to store Thank you in advance
  24. The other day I sent out details of the end of term happenings by printed letter, document on Facebook, a Facebook post, email and a paper copy on the notice board! Still had two people get the wrong event on the wrong day!😤.
  25. Putting a Tender together

    Oh Narnia I am so sorry to read that your LA are being so unhelpful, wish I had some words of wisdom but I really don't
  26. Putting a Tender together

    Thank you all. I had a phone call on Friday from our EY officer, 'just to let you know we forgot to add business rates to the legal pack'................I'm rather afraid that I slightly lots my temper at this point.I then sent an email to the officer who is accepting the expressions of interest to say why we wouldn't, or rather, couldn't put in a bid.Gave all the reasons and why it's not a well put together pack.................. she wrote back to say she was sorry, but if anything changes, she'll let us know. THEN............another email from our temporary CDO, advising there are some training opportunities in Septemeber..............and we're advised to book now as they fill up very quickly. I simply replied........'you ARE kidding me, right??' I must admit to a great sense of despondency right now
  27. Courses, CPD, Speakers

    Many thanks, Rebecca this was really helpful.
  28. Small family Nursery 16 children per session, term time only is seeking a Level 3 Practitioner. Please find job advert and application form attached. For more information email perfect.mother@live.co.uk or ring Sharon on 07946397864 or David on 07931755343 application form nk staff.doc Nook level 3 job ad July 18.docx
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