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What Does Psychology have to tell us about how to help Children and Young People Achieve Good Goals

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Event Date: 30/04/18
Provider: Southampton LA
Location: Southampton

This session will take an evidence based look at how to help people be successful in achieving their goals. We’ll look at the implications from Walter Mischel’s classic marshmallow studies (why can some 4 year olds wait 20 minutes or longer just to get a second marshmallow, and why does it matter anyway?) and update this with cutting edge research into WOOP planning (you’ll have to look that one up on the internet, or come along to find out more!) We’ll organise the session around an established model of control, the cybernetic model. This suggests that we should pay attention to:
What type of goals we select and how we should think about them. For example, how can we think about a temptation to make it seem less appealing?
How to monitor progress. Why does this sometimes lead to increased motivation and why does it sometimes lead to deflation?
How we put our goals into practice. What sort of plans are more likely to be successful?
This session will draw on evidence from education, marketing, persuasion, and even public health policy to help develop practical, well informed solutions.
Length of course
1/2 day
Who should attend?
Anyone interested in seeing change for the people that they work with, or in their own lives. This course is suitable for people with regular classroom contact and responsibility for young people and also for those with strategic responsibility across whole organisations.
For further information please follow this link

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