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Sign 4 Big Feelings

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Event Date: 17/05/18
Provider: Bedford Training and Assessment Centre
Location: Bedford

Course Details:

Sign 4 Big Feelings was written to improve outcomes for young children, who may have experienced domestic abuse or trauma. Bedford has rising levels of domestic abuse and a gap has been identified for training and materials to provide young children with the vocabulary and the sensitive opportunity to talk about things they may find frightening or difficult; such as serious discord within the family, or domestic abuse. Young children learn best when they are actively engaged and with Sign 4 Big Feelings they are not just hearing and seeing new vocabulary but saying and doing them as well. Sign 4 Big Feelings can be used with all children to support emotional literacy and the use of complex sentences – all of which are identified areas of underachievement. It supports young children to communicate more effectively, express their emotions and begin to use words such as ‘because’ to explain the reasons behind events that occur. Used in a targeted way it provides young children with the vocabulary and the sensitive opportunity to talk with a trusted adult about things they may find frightening or difficult.

‘The daily use of sign language significantly supports children in communicating and expressing their feelings’.


To understand why Sign 4 Big Feelings was developed and why signing works with hearing children

To learn signs and be able to use Sign 4 Big Feelings in a universal or targeted way


Please note – the following resources will be available to buy on the day:

Set of two dolls - £19.98

Sign 4 Little Talkers Books - £20

A FREE Sign 4 Big Feelings book will be given to all delegates.

Suitable for:

All practitioners who work with children from Nursery to Reception and Year 1, including new and experienced practitioners from the Private, Voluntary and Independent sector, Maintained Nursery Schools, Infant and Primary Schools and Childminders.

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