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Room for love? the importance of warm, loving relationships in a Reception class context Free

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Event Date: 18/01/18
Provider: Early Education
Location: Room 12.6.13, Sheffield Institute of Education, Charles Street, S1 2NE

Building warm, loving and responsive relationships with children has traditionally been seen as a key aspect of early years practice, particularly in extended day care. The role of relationship at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage when children enter school has had considerable less attention. The concept of 'professional love' is rarely discussed in relation to Reception Class teachers even though there is a body of research that indicates that prioritising these relationships supports children's cognitive development as well as their social and emotional development.  This session will highlight some of the fascinating research findings in this area, the tensions within teaching in early years in school and the early findings from my pilot study on professional love in a Reception class context.

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