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Event Date: multiple
Provider: Essex Primary SCITT
Location: Essex

Essex Primary SCITT is a well-regarded established teacher training provider with a long record of training excellent primary teachers in partnership with schools across Essex. We are now also running a very successful graduate employment based programme for those working in the early years sector, which leads to Early Years Teacher Status in settings across the east of England. We were very proud to have recently been graded as outstanding in all areas by Ofsted for our School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) primary programme and as good for Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT) programme. Essex Primary SCITT is supported through the strong partnership it has built with local schools, that are just as passionate and excited to be supporting teacher trainees. Teaching is a very rewarding profession enabling you to make to a real difference to children and the impact you have on their future. Learning to teach does not just happen overnight, it takes time, dedication, hard work and effective support to enable you to become a transformer of young peoples lives. We aim to train, support and guide you to be the very best teacher that you can be because we want the best teachers transforming the lives of children in our schools. Covering age ranges from 0 to 11, our EYITT and Primary SCITT programmes effectively give trainees the opportunity to learn in a highly supportive, nurturing environment, offering a realistic balance between theory and practice, as you experience the excitement and challenges of being a teacher. 

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