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How to Maximise Opportunities for Learning

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Event Date: 16/03/18
Provider: Brighton and Hove LA
Location: Committee Room 2 and 3 Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square

From dinosaurs to the latest films; knowing how to skilfully and meaningfully shape continuous provision, and provide enhancements which connect with children’s interests is critical to helping children embed and extend learning. This inspirational and practical workshop explores a broad variety of activities and planning that successfully respond to children’s diverse interests and preoccupations. It will also include case studies from schools and settings which have enriched learning and include time for delegates to reflect on their current practice.

Learning outcomes
At the end of the session participants will have:

  • An understanding of the relationship between continuous provision and enhancements.
  • Strategies to help extend children’s learning.
  • Practical ideas for developing provision.

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