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Hearing the Child's Voice

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Event Date: 05/03/18
Provider: Bedford Training and Assessment Centre
Location: Bedford

Course Details:

We always try our hardest to listen to the children in our care. However, it is not as easy as said when so much else takes our attention. The one child who wants us to listen has to compete with 30 others.

We may think we are really good, but in reality what decisions have been influenced by the children themselves and what decisions have been made on behalf of the children we work with?

In this workshop we explore how children's voices are expressed both verbally and non-verbally through their behaviour. We look at how we are 'reading' the communication and how we are giving children the opportunity to have their voices heard. Within the course we take a look at those children who find it hard to have a voice perhaps through culture, shyness or an underlying social communication condition.

This fun interactive course challenges us to think about how we are listening to the child’s voice. Are we really HEARING what children are saying and involving them in their own decision making? What about a child who has difficulty in communicating?

Lots of practical ideas and activities to use in your setting. Good to take back and increase parent involvement too!

Learning Outcomes:

Identify ways that children ‘speak’ verbally and non-verbally

Identify ways of listening to children based on a person centred approach including direct and non-direct methods

Identify other ways in which communication is exchanged and who may hold useful information

Consider why we need to enable children to be involved in decision making

Understand different types of communication and consultation activities that can be used with all children (and parents)

Identify what your setting may need to do to hear the child’s voice

Suitable for:

All practitioners working with children and young people.

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