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Exemplary Practice with Two-Year-Olds

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Event Date: multiple
Provider: NDNA
Location: online

Provide the highest quality care and learning for two-year-olds with this online course from NDNA.

What will I learn?

"Terrible Twos" is a phrase you often hear with this age range, but in fact it should be the terrific two's! 

If you look at how much the individual child develops during this time you will see how terrific they are.

They learn a large amount of vocabulary, start to toilet train and develop more physical skills. 

NDNA's "Exemplary Practice" series of short online courses provide practitioners with advanced activities, strategies and theories to use in their settings. Learners taking our two-year-old course will be able to provide the highest and most exemplary practice to the two-year-olds in their care. 

Key topics:

The uniqueness of two-year-olds

Providing positive relationships to support two-year-olds

Key areas of the learning environment and two-year-old development

Ideas to provide high quality teaching for two-year-olds.

The course provides support activities to use with the children along with action plan templates.

Course duration: 1.5 hours 

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