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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, Just wondering if there has been any progress on the newsletter function that was suggested as a possibilty a few months ago? We tried having a false child and adding all parents but we had complaints from parents that they could see each others names. Is this going to happen soon? Thanks
  2. Could Short Note be added as an option under the SEN heading?
  3. There are two new blogs that I thought might be helpful to share with practitioners on FSF. The first is about the power that professionals hold in their interactions with parents of children with additional needs and how we can avoid abusing that power. It's something I believe everyone needs to be aware of if they want to work in true partnership with parents and was written from my personal perspective. https://itmustbemum.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/the-imbalance-of-power/ The second is written by another mum and is one that I think could be used to reflect on whether we are always qualified to offer the opinions asked of us. It is crucial that we record observations, rather than assumptions but how far should we go to make the limitations of our knowledge and experience clear when recording those observations? After all, if we aren't trained to see the more subtle signs of anxiety, they won't appear in our observations and that could mean vital evidence is missed in a diagnostic discussion. https://itmustbemum.wordpress.com/2017/04/15/should-ask-teachers-for-an-opinions-on-send/ Feedback, positive or negative, would be very much appreciated.
  4. Hello all, I am writing to ask for some advice, I have been in early years for around 10 years it all began when I completed my BA Hons in early childhood studies, I then had the opportunity to complete my EYPS. In order to do this I got a job in a private day nursery, over time I worked up from a nursery practitioner to the settings early years professional overseeing the EYFS and finally the deputy manager. I felt after a few years I wanted to get back into the rooms working with children and was offered an opportunity to go to a special needs school to be their early years teacher due to holding the EYPS. I have been doing this for the last two months and straight away I felt like I was under qualified and felt like I was so out of my depth. I feel so low and every day I hate going to work, I find it so difficult going from working as a team with qualified nursery practitioners to being the only member of staff knowing the eyfs and how to support the children through planning and observing to being the only person who knows the eyfs and can extend their learning. I feel that I don't get to give the children the right support as I have such a high work load making sure all the children are making progress as their are 60 children (30 am/30pm) with 10 of these working to IEP's and EHA plans. When I have spoken to other staff members I was told I had too high expectations, is this the case or have I fallen into the wrong environment? Any support/help/guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you from a very confused early years enthusiast!
  5. This is a brilliant explanation of how SEN support in schools (the graduated approach) should be implemented. It's written by a parent whose child (like my own) has been harmed by being left unsupported in school so it is personal for her and it is written with an audience of parents in mind. However, she is a highly skilled communicator and her descriptions of barriers to learning and the assess, plan, do review cycle are really helpful. https://itmustbemum.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/sen-support-in-schools-were-missing-the-point/
  6. I currently give 1:1 support to a child at my setting. Child also attends another SEN setting. Both settings use Tapestry-is it possible to share info, in the same way that parents can log on and view? Not looking to be able to comment on each others obs, just view, for the purposes of sharing useful information and therefore informing future practice for this child?
  7. Hello All, We have recently found out that a child (aged 4) at our setting is colour blind. I would really love to find out about of any activities, support techniques or resources that any of you have used. Thanks in advance, Vicki
  8. Hi, We have a child attending the nursery who has selective mutism. Her key person would like to use a few books with the other children to help them understand why the child doesn't talk to them or interact with them whilst they play. There are a few I have found online but I would really like it if anyone is able to recommend any books they have used in the past. Many thanks Sarah
  9. Hello all, I'm currently in a preschool setting for my Early Years Teacher Training and I'm acting as a Key Person for some children. One child has EAL and I'd like to conduct a communication and language assessment/audit to gauge his levels of development. He's going to school this September and has a rather 'fleeting attention', does anyone have any suggestions for what I could use? Since I'm making a topic, I'm also required to create a resource to support communication and language development. I'm going to try to create something to support the aforementioned EAL child, does anyone have any ideas? What has worked well for you? Thank you in advance!
  10. We have reviewed 'Let's talk behaviour!' by Wendy Usher. You can read our review here. We'd be interested to here what you think! Let me know your thoughts ...
  11. EYFS Developmental Milestones

    This ebook explains developmental milestones throughout the stages of the EYFS. EYFS-developmental-milestones-eBook.pdf
  12. I came across this article on Twitter - I am glad I did as I learnt so much in the 1/2 hour it took me to read it properly. I am not a SEND specialist but in my career I have worked with children with wide-ranging needs. This research article showed me that sometimes my responses to children 'making a run for it' have not been helpful. I am sure that there are lots of effective strategies for managing this behaviour, but this one made sense to me and was extremely well explained and exemplified. I am going to share this article with colleagues at nursery and see if we can discuss and understand the behaviour management theories shared. It will give us a head start if we need to support a child and their family with a similar issue in the future. Stop the Running - Research article (links via Twitter) Stop the Running article.pdf Have any FSF members had any experience of this?
  13. Pre-school Practitioner Hours: 18 hours per week, term time only 8.45am – 2.45pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday A fantastic opportunity for a highly motivated, creative candidate/individual who is passionate about Early Years to join the team at this popular Ofsted Outstanding pre-school. You will need a Level 3 or above recognised Early Years qualification and experience working in an Early Years setting. For further details and an application pack please visit www.dolphinspre-school.co.uk Closing date: Monday 20 June 2016
  14. Hello, We're currently reviewing our policies for paying staff who undertake Senco duties or act as lead for Safeguarding, and I'm curious as to what other settings do. At the moment our Deputy Supervisor is our safeguarding lead but she doesn't get any additional pay for this, whereas our 2 SENCOs are level 3 assistants and are paid an additional £11.41 per week. However we have quite a few children with safeguarding issues and we are looking at having a level 3 as deputy safeguarding lead after undergoing additional training. Thanks
  15. Hi, I thought this might be of interest. Resource pack for practitioners: Working with Children with Sensory Processing Differences in Early Years Settings ,early_years_sensory_processing_resource_pack.pdf For those working within an Early Years setting or Health Visitors who work with families who may have young children showing signs of sensory processing differences. This resource pack will assist with the identification of possible difficulties and support the implementation of strategies​
  16. LINK to: An early years autism competency framework for people working with under five year olds on the autism spectrum. A professional competency framework has been developed by Genium for the Autism Education Trust (AET) in collaboration with The Autism Centre for Education and Research at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City Council, Puzzle Centre and consultants with expertise in autism. The framework sets out the knowledge and skills that are required for professionals in settings working with children on the autism spectrum. http://www.aettraininghubs.org.uk/early-years/eyacf ​
  17. Hi, can anyone recommend training for SEN and inclusion? Thanks, Lisa
  18. Hello, I have a group of children in my EYFS class that are struggling with psed objectives. Has anyone got any ideas of how I can bump them up?
  19. safeguarding concern

    Please could someone clarify for me how you have included the new Starting Point advice and referral system in their procedures and practice. I have been told conflicting advice. Is starting point for us to phone if we have a minor safeguarding query or SEN query over a child? From my understanding we are to 'go through" starting point for a referral? County told me that we now phone Starting point instead of CALL Derbyshire but Starting point said we are still to phone Call Derbyshire if it's high risk. I'm so confused!!! The more I look into it the worse it gets! Where on earth does Local Authority Designated Officer come in?! Please help, I am nearly bald!!! Thank you in advance xx
  20. Hi, I am an Early Years SEN Advisory Teacher with an MA (SEN) Education. I am currently doing a PhD research project which includes developing and supporting a site for EY practitioners which helps them progress the children in their settings who present with SEN. The site has lots of SEN resources for practitioners and parents via menu tabs and also links to training. Practitioners can also talk to other practitioners who are on line at the same time through the ’chat’ function. There is also a ‘Pinboard’ where practitioners can ask their own questions in order to get individual advice. If you could ‘pin’ a question here to be answered that would be great. It would be really appreciated if you as EYFS practitioners joined the site- used it – and gave me feedback on the way. Below is an invitation link to the site which is called EYFS – SEN http://eyfs-sen.ning.com/?xgi=xjdTAjq2JYnzf7 Many thanks. ​ EYFS - SEN-info 10.01.16.docx
  21. The Council for Disabled Children have recently published a guide to the Equality Act 2010 for Early Years settings, available here http://www.councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/resources/disabled-children-and-the-equality-act-2010-for-early-years I've recently found some great free information leaflets for parents and practitioners: http://www.understandingchildhood.net/ The National Children's Bureau have published a useful question and answer document "What Early Years providers need to know about supporting young children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families" which I've attached. Finally, I've uploaded some of the SENCO paperwork I give out on my training, feel free to use if it's helpful, I'd appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. You can find it at http://www.kathrynstinton.com/#!useful-links/c19sb what_early_years_providers_need_to_know (2).pdf
  22. I've started a campaign to raise awareness of the funding issues providers and families face regarding additional support for children with SEND. I've contacted the DfE (who didn't answer my question directly so I've asked 2 more!) who stated they are keen to hear from providers - please don't let them down, tell them what's really happening in terms of the complete postcode lottery of funding (or lack of) for children with identified and emerging SEND. I've also contacted my MP and Parliamentary Candidates and put a link so it's very easy for you to do the same. I'm sure we all know families who have been completely let down by this completely unaccountable system, please help me to do something about it, it will take you 10 minutes! Details are here: http://www.kathrynstinton.com/#!funding-campaign/c1u37 THANKYOU
  23. I thought this might be a useful discussion topic and a chance for us to find out what's going on around the country, both good and bad. As an early years supply teacher, I've been aware of: New format IEPs or the introduction of 1 Page Profiles Very stressed SENCOs, teachers and support staff The same long waiting lists for services, particularly input from Educational Psychologists Lack of funding and additional support for children and their families As a trainer, I've been aware of the above as well as: Cuts to support and funding from the Local Authority becoming worse, at least one Local Authority is removing the additional inclusion funding (for children without an Education, Health and Care Plan) completely from April this year SENCOs still being expected to "do everything" for children with SEND, despite it being clear in the new Code of Practice that it should be the responsibility of all staff Continued Health Visitor shortages The continued dedication of practitioners to meet all children's needs What else is there? It would be great to have some good news ........
  24. http://senassist.com/blog/?p=3 Brilliant blog (link above) about how difficult Christmas can be for children with Autism. The Autism Education Trust have some great free resources available which help you to audit your setting (Early Years Autism Standards) . The link is here: http://www.aettraininghubs.org.uk/early-years/ They also provide training through local hubs which in most cases should be free or at low cost. The local hubs are listed here http://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/aet%20programme.aspx scroll to the bottom of the page for early years.
  25. Nursery Nurses with a view to becoming Room Leaders – Brand New Day Nursery in Bromley Our brand new nursery in Bromley is seeking to appoint nursery nurses to help the manager set up our 64 place Brand New Nursery in Bromley, meaning that if the nursery nurse demonstrate leadership skills there is a good chance of progression as the nursery grows. Really looking for an hands on candidate with a lot of experience in early years settings. What experience and qualifications must I have to apply? Minimum Level 3 qualification or equivalent Understanding of play based approach to children’s learning and development An understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Knowledge of child protection procedures Good communication skills both written and verbal Due to a high level of applications, only successful candidates will be contacted Work as part of a highly motivated and professional team The Role: We are looking to recruit experienced Nursery Nurses who really wants to influence the vision and direction of the nursery. The role requires the individual to hit the ground running and take the nursery to great heights through quality and innovation. We need bags of enthusiasm and a can-do attitude for this exciting opportunity. A full job description will be provided if the candidate is short listed Mid January 2015 start Salary: negotiable If you are interested in the role and have the above skills and experience, then we want to hear from you. Please email your CV to Helena at ku.oc.yelmorbelzzupyeknom@reganam or call 0787 422 0132 for more information. 37 Park Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3HJ | Web: www.monkeypuzzlebromley.co.uk