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  1. Hi all We are new crèche starting out and are looking at a variety of options for planning and assessment to make it as streamlined and time efficient as possible. I have started my trial of tapestry and it looks really good, I will have play with it and look more at the tracking side. Please can anyone help with the following Are you able to use Tapestry to do planning or did anyone use any other programs alongside tapestry or instead off? What are the best and worst things about tapestry for you? What my ideal system will be is that all planning, observations and assessments are all paper free. This is so we can spend more time with the children, as it will hopefully be more time efficient as well as parents being more involved in their child's learning. Hope you can help
  2. Hello there, i am new to posting so hope so I hope I'm in the right place. i would appreciate any comments and advice. we are a preschool term time, and have a funded child who started with us this term. the attendance of the child is very poor 5 sessions to date( we are all ways notified of the absence illness, sisters birthday, mothers medical appointments etc) my concern is we are claiming funding for a child who is not attending, we had the mother in for a meeting re all of this and she has announced that she suffers from a list of mental health issues, and one of which is aggrahphobia. has anyone had this issue and what was the answer from the local authority regarding the continued absence and funding the child? i hope this makes sense it's been along day! Many thanks oldbear
  3. Hi, I hope somebody can help. Our early years setting is part of a private school from 2 to 18 years. We are only Just beginning to show and track progress. In the nursery class and Reception class we have done a baseline assessment, well a best fit approach. We will then do summative assessments at the end of each term. For the whole school approach I have to show numerically and with percentages how much progress we are making and to set targets. My initial idea is to do something similar to GLD, 1-emerging 2-developing 3-secure. So for nursery for example, the majority are within 30-50, so a child that is developing in that area would get 2, I thought if they were in the age band before they would minus 1 point or 3 depending. The problem arises when they are in the age band before. It also wouldn't be cumulative year upon year. Can anyone suggest any ideas or what they do. Thank you!
  4. Newbie

    Hi , I am very new to this online forum,and have just been on a trial version of Tapestry. Does anyone know if you can let two parents access their child's learning journal but with out them actually seeing each others comments or do I need to set up two learning journals for the same child?
  5. Hi, Just wondering if there has been any progress on the newsletter function that was suggested as a possibilty a few months ago? We tried having a false child and adding all parents but we had complaints from parents that they could see each others names. Is this going to happen soon? Thanks
  6. Hi I'm new to the forum, we are looking at transport this term with our 3 and 4 year olds. We have broke the theme down to air, Rail, Road and Sea. We are currently looking at sea transport. I'm looking for fun activity ideas. Can anyone help?
  7. Hi, We have a number of children whose parents do not want an online Learning journal. It is very time consuming operating two systems so my headteacher wondered if there is any way we could add observations but not have these online so there is no risk of anyone accessing the journals online. Thanks
  8. Would you enjoy working and supporting young children reach their potential and still have time for your family? Would you like a part-time job with holiday pay? Then why not apply to a small privately run Nursery/Pre-school for children aged 2-5 years based in Cobham. We are looking for either a passionate, experienced Nursery Manager or someone working at a senior level: Deputy Manager with Early Years Teacher/ QTS/ EYPS/PGCE, ready to take their next challenge or ready to become a manager of a growing setting. Term time Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fridays 38 weeks a year Hours to be agreed 20 - 30 hours Salary : Dependent on role and experience Holiday Pay Pension CPD/Training Start: January 2018 Required education: Level 3/ Level 4 / Level 5 / EYPS/EYT/QTS / PGCE The successful candidate will have A friendly / flexible and calm approach High expectations Excellent organisational skills Excellent communication skills with staff and parents Experience of dealing with confidential issues and problem-solving. At least 2 years managerial/supervisory role experience. Proven keyperson experience An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the EYFS and Ofsted requirements is essential Carried out roles of SENDCO and or DSL although not necesary Able to work within a team situation and inspire colleagues The ability to manage and motivate a team. The candidate will be expected to commit to: The highest possible standards of safety and safeguarding Our Nursery preschool's ethos and values Clear and professional communication Keeping up to date with Regulatory/EYFS changes For more details call 07990578682
  9. Job Vacancy in Virginia Water

    Job Vacancy: A fantastic opportunity to work in a small team within a community Preschool Key Person/Room Leader at Virginia Water Community Pre-School 31.25 hours per week (Monday - Friday) 8.30 am - 3.15 pm Term time only 36 week year 5.6 weeks pro rata holiday pay Inc. bank holidays £8.00/£9.50 an hour depending on experience Workplace pension scheme (NEST) Please see application pack attached below. Susan Wordingham Chair of Trustees application pack key person-room leader 2017.docx
  10. HI Does anyone have , or know where I can find, the piano sheet music for ' there isn't any room' (sometimes known as Rat a ta tat) nativity song please? We want to use it this year - but pianist is struggling to find the score for it! Thank you all!
  11. Hi We are just finding our way around Tapestry having bought the package for use from this Sept. We used PRAMS before and found that the Key worker Thoroughness Report function was incredibly useful and a good tool to confront consistently under performing staffs with. I know Tapestry is the newer an better version to PRAMS but I cannot work out how to use this function. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. Hello there. We use a mobile cookery unit within our early years setting, which allows the children to bake in their rooms. Whilst we have risk assessed the use of this etc, we now need to put a policy in place around its use and I just wondered whether anyone has written or come across such a thing before? Thanks
  13. We are looking for a full-time leader for our six place baby room - Little Stars. The post includes job sharing the role of Deputy Manager. We are a small, busy and friendly nursery in a village location with good transport links to Sheffield. Staff retention averages just over 6 years years and we have a good rating with OFSTED, maintained over 16 years. Please down load the job description and application form or contact the Manager, Julia, for more information.Deputy Manager and Baby Room Leader Sept 17.docxJob Application Form Deputy Manager.doc <bdo dir="rtl">ku<!-- usg -->.oc.gni<!-- rzz -->rps-se<!-- shc -->m<span><!-- iqx -->uoc@</span>ofni</bdo> 0114 2862100
  14. Bishops Waltham Montessori is looking for a dynamic and very special Early Years Leader. term time only - 37.5 hours a week, salary dependent on experience for a January start. Although having a Montessori qualification would be an advantage a sound knowledge of the philosophy and the willingness to learn is more important. A relevant Level 3 and above qualification is a necessity. For more information please contact Danielle on 07979457486 or email <bdo dir="rtl">ku.oc.iros<span>setnom<!-- wko -->mahtla<!-- ded -->wsp<!-- fcx -->ohsib@o</span>fn<!-- dsy -->i</bdo>
  15. Brand new to tapestry!

    ​Hi everyone ​I am looking for a bit of direction! We are a large setting with around 250 registered children. We are hoping to purchase tapestry after our trial. ​My questions are as follows, also sorry if there is an easy access to these questions but I am trying to steer the tapestry ship at work and learning from just giving it a go!! ​Please could someone let me know how you started the transition period between paper work and tapestry. How did you all start a baseline of development? ​Also is there a summary feature? We currently hand write a summary of each area to each child every 6months. ​Thank you in advance! ​Laura
  16. Room Leader Chadwell Heath

    Room Leader required. Busy Day Nursery in Chadwell Heath looking for an experienced Level 3 for a room leader position. Please send your CV to learntoleap@hotmail.co.uk JDHatchlings room leader.pdf
  17. Hello all, I'm planning for our setting's outdoor environment and would like to lead an activity based on a storybook. I can only think of two suitable storybooks, The Gruffalo and We're Going on a Bear Hunt, but we have used those books already recently and I want to try something new. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are very lucky in our setting and therefore space and resources should not be a problem. Thank you!
  18. Hi everyone! I just admitted a child back into the setting after she left us in July to pre-school attached to a primary school. Her parent had a change of mind and brought her back. Now my dilemma is of course, if there is any way I can get her profile back? It has been deleted couple of weeks ago and I can' see the option of how to restore. Many thanks!
  19. New Manager

    Hello Everyone! I have just taken over as a manger in a committee run pack away preschool and would be grateful for any help! My experience is as a manager in a children's home so i'm new to running an educational setting and don't really know where to start. There doesn't seem to be any paperwork in place from the previous manager apart from a safeguarding file which have been done in recent months by our chair person and an employee file. Does anyone have any recommendations about what else is needed? Where shall I start? I like to be very organised and things to have a place to live so at the minute its riving me crazy not knowing where anything is, not being able to access things quickly when needed and trying to learn the job at the same time. Heath and Safety checks / templates would be appreciated. Team meeting minutes templates? Planning documents, Short/Long term Trackers for learning journeys Anything you think will help!! Thanks Kadie
  20. Hello, At the end of last term a parent requested that I transfer her son's tapestry account to his new setting, a primary school. I set the process in motion and received the key which I emailed to the new reception teacher. She said she would claim it once she had sorted her current cohort out. I have just noticed that it now says 'cancelled on the transfer on this child's transfer. The other transfer I did was to a local school. This is still waiting to be claimed. Is there a time limit? Does the new setting have a limited time period? I am confused as to why it was cancelled on one and not the other. I did start the other transfer later. Thanks
  21. Hello, I think this issue may affect settings with a lot of children on the system. We are a large nursery school with the potential for 200 children on roll. We have found it very time consuming to scroll down the list of children when you need to tag them and sometimes, as we do that, other children are added by mistake. It would be very useful to have an option of starting to type the name and Tapestry then giving you options as with predictive text or similar. There could be a drop down that has a list of possibilities to chooses from. This would help us so much and save the wrong children from being added. Thank you
  22. Preschool business software

    Hi. I am looking into purchasing software for administration purposes. I need it to deal with, funding, invoicing, occupancy, holidays, starters, leavers, birthdays and adult/child ratios. Can anyone recommend a package please? Our setting has approx 65 children on role and we are a term-time setting.
  23. Warlingham - vacancy

    wise owls nursery in warlingham, we are a small team looking for a new member of staff to join us ..min 3 sessions to start september
  24. Hi all, Just interested in what's happening with sun cream application. Do you wash hands between children? Glove up, and change gloves or not between children? Does it depend on the children's skin, or the brand of sun cream? Does anyone have policies for sun cream application or does it fall under general skin cream application? Jacq
  25. Nursery Manager Wokingham

    Do you have a desire to lead a team of talented practitioners in an 'Outstanding' Setting? Would you like to play an important role in a small independently owned group of nurseries? We have an Nursery Manager position available in one of our settings in Wokingham, Berkshire. We are looking for suitably experienced and qualified nursery manager who has a proven track record of leading quality care and education, role modelling best practice and working within the standards required by Ofsted. A salary of £28,000.00 to £32,000.00 is available dependent upon your qualifications and experience and this salary can be topped up through our rewards scheme. To apply, or to arrange an informal chat please contact Jacqui.szrejder@completechildcare.co.uk