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  1. packed lunches

    We 'encourage' children to eat sandwiches and savoury items first before the sweeter items. Older children are encouraged to make their own choices. Its not enforced.
  2. Forum Update

    Looks good. I also had problems remembering who I am, sorry, remembering log in details. Will have a wander later.
  3. governing document help

    Slipenders - which version of the PSLA constitution do you work under? It's the 2011 version which allows staff to become committee members. I think that they use to produce guidance notes on the procedure to change your constitution.
  4. Small mallets

    We bought some from Poundland a few years ago. I think it may have been during summer so probably with the camping stuff. Worth a look.
  5. snack time

    Tables for us too. Some of our children do not have a dining table and chairs so meals at home are eaten sitting on the floor or sofa. We feel it's a good and useful experience - learning social skill and making choices.
  6. Coping with change

    Or - I have been on eyfs forum and everyone is saying or doing .....
  7. AGM Question

    Do you pay staff to attend C1403? Difficult to see how it could be enforced if they are not paid. I attend our committee meetings in my role as manager (without pay) and one of the members of staff is a committee member so she attends. We also stagger our meetings between evenings and afternoons to allow different people to attend.
  8. 2 year olds

    Maybe just check with your insurance company but to be honest it probably states 2 year olds rather than 2.5 year olds.
  9. To stay or go

    I think you have to be strong and do what is best for you and your family rather than feel guilty about walking away. The problem is - the more you do the more people expect. If you really don't want to leave could you step down as Chair but stay on the committee? I have someone who did this. They stepped down to vice chair to encourage someone else to come forward as chair but with support. Then the following year left. It's all in the title because I am not sure vice chair is a recognised Officer????
  10. Funding question

    It's a real minefield. Every question just leads to more holes and problems with the process. Only 5 days to start date for the majority of us. Any positive news from anyone who has taken part in the pilot schemes???????
  11. Claims for funding

    We have to record reason for non-attendence as our LA do not allow us to claim funding for family holidays or days out or extended periods of sickness. We have to email them to get 'clarification' For any illness over a week. Another task that takes yet more admin time and paperwork.
  12. Advice we had with a very similar sounding child was to prepare a staged and agreed settling in process over an extended period of time.
  13. Claims for funding

    Ours is 2 pages which covers every conceivable type of funding. We also have a multi page booklet which parents are suppose to have the opportunity to read about eligibility etc. They sign the claim form to say they understand and have seen. I think we have to copy and keep birth certificate until child leaves and then destroy - certificate that is, not child.
  14. You are obviously dedicated and caring or you would not be worrying about the changes and the effects they are going to have on your group.
  15. Yes I think you log onto the PSLA website. If you have accessed the downloads before it remembers the publication - I think. But cant remember where the updates are on their site - Shop??? Good luck.