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Dissertation ideas about forest play

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Hi I'm doing my dissertation on parents and teachers perception on forest schools.

In my literature review I'm going to talk about how the idea of forest school came about and how its different from the Danish Model. I'm thinking of going into schools in the U.K (bristol) and conducting interviews with parents and teachers and gets their thoughts about forest schools and the benefits they have for children?

I'm struggling with getting literature. Can anyone recommends books/articles I should look at for provisions of outdoor play and forest schools?

Also probably a long shot but if anyone can get me in touch with schools in the U.K where parents and teacher would be willing to talk to me about what their experiences of forest schools and how important they are for their children that would be amazing?


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Good afternoon sm15852,

Welcome to the forum and well done on making your first post! :)

A quick Google search will pull up a very wide range of literature and case studies which you may find useful. You might also find some useful pointers in this Forum article published last year The Historical Context of Outdoor Learning and the Role of the Practitioner.

Hope those help you get started, we'll look forward to hearing how you are getting on - don't forget to report back!

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