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Changing between viewing all children and just key children

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 03:57 PM

This tutorial will explain how to set Tapestry to show staff members only their key children (rather than all the children on your account). This first part is only relevant for setting changes to full account staff members and PIN only staff members, although the change does need to be made by a manager. If you are a manager and want to change this for yourself, then you can skip the first bit of this tutorial and go straight to the 'Edit Preferences' step. 



Setting full staff and PIN only staff members to see their key children 


To set this for non-managers, you need to start by going to "Control Panel".




Then click on (1) "Settings" and select (2) "Staff" from the drop down menu.




You will then be taken to a page where you'll need to select your preferred option from the drop down list (1).

By default it will be set to show all children, so you will need to select one of the other two options. If you choose 'Only show staff their key children', staff will not be able to choose whether they see all children or only their key ones - they will be forced into only seeing the children you've assigned to them (if you're not sure how to do that, see this tutorial).

If you choose 'Allow staff to view all children or just their key children', they need to decide for themselves whether they see all children or only their key children. They can choose this in the same way as managers do, which we will look at next. 


Once you have selected your preferred option, click on save (2). 





In either case the setting is a blanket one so will be the case for all staff members on your account. Currently there isn't a way to set some staff members to be forced to see only their key children and for others to choose, aside from making the ones you want to have the choice, managers. 



Setting your own preferences


If you are a manager, or a staff member who has been given the choice of whether they see all children or only their key children, to change your preference, you will need to go to your 'Edit Preferences' screen. Please note that this can only be accessed within the browser version of Tapestry, but changes you make will carry through to the app. 


To find 'Edit Preferences' click on your name in the drop down list, and then 'Edit Preferences'.




Here you'll find a screen that allows you to change personal preferences, including whether you see all children or only your key children. If you want to change what it is currently set as, you will need to click on the "change preference" button. 




If you want to only view your own key children, check the box indicated and press submit.   



Best wishes,

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