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Provider: NEYTO: Sarah Houghton-Birrell
Location: High Tunstall College of Science, Elwick Road, Hartlepool, TS26 0LQ

This course is for those with limited or no theoretical and practical understanding of the key needs and characteristics of young       (pre-6 years) autistic individuals and the support and reasonable adjustments they require. It will cover :

  • What we mean by the term “The Autism Spectrum”-understanding that everyone is an individual
  • The importance of the right support and understanding through diagnosis in the early years of development and the impact on outcomes
  • Facts and statistics about autism
  • Common characteristics, issues and strengths of autistic young children
  • General strategies for support and progress in behaviour, learning, play and everyday life to enable optimal outcomes
  • There will be time for questions at the end

Information covered will be from:

  • Researched and established methods
  • What autistic people and their families tell us helps them
  • The extensive professional and personal experience of the trainer Sarah Houghton-Birrell who is also an early years autism specialist.

Fees and Booking

Delegate Fee: £45.00

For full details of this training or to book, please visit Sarah Houghton-Birrell & Associates dedicated webpage

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